Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Secret Spire

Gopher Flats
April 2, 2017
Moab, UT
Golly gees, its been a long time since I sat at the computer to do a blog post.  We have been busy, we have been lazy, most importantly, we have been enjoying our first few weeks back in Moab.

The apple trees are budding/blooming at Gopher Flats.

 Red rock and the La Sals heading out to Kens' Lake.
Low clouds on Moab Rim...our view to the west from Gopher Flats.

An important activity we have added to our schedule is working out...  

Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center is a beautiful, well equipped  center for getting/staying healthy.  Both of us are working on body strength as well as cardio.

Sunday, Moab Friends For Wheeling (MFFW) did a mellow, easy trail ride to Secret Spire with a side trail to Dellenbaugh Tunnel.  

Our group had 10 vehicles which included our leader, Carole Hahn.  

Carole did an awesome job guiding us as we rode along the mesa top between two of the Green River's large tributary canyons, Hellroaring and Spring Canyons.

The clouds sure added to the scenery shots... 

Landmarks play such an important part in the vistas here.  Below is Tombstone Rock. 
Our first stop was to check out the pools where water rushes into Spring Canyon from the mesa.  

 Then is was off for a lunch stop at Dellenbaugh Tunnel.  The tunnel is a watercourse that has cut through the Navajo Sandstone.  It's about 100 feet long and so worth the heebie-jeebies to go through because the other side offers spectacular views of Spring Canyon.

Looking east...
 and west.  Of course it's more impressive in person !

You can't see Secret Spire from the main trail.  We took a right hand turn onto a loop that lead us right to the spire made of Navajo Sandstone standing all alone on a dome like base. 

 If you look closely, you will see Ginny standing at the base of the spire on the right hand side.  
 With all the cracks and holes, it's amazing it stands at all !

 The up shot from the base...
And the view from the base...

Secret Spire is rated a 3 by Red Rock 4-Wheelers.  It is not listed in the Charles Wells Guide to Moab Backroads & 4-Wheel-Drive Trails.  The trail itself features sand, slick rock and a sandy wash which any stock jeep can do. 
Parked on the slick rock to explore the pools.

Dee getting photos of the pools.  The designs in the sand was so pretty.

Some of the group standing on the edge of the cliff as I came out of the tunnel.

Susan and her puppy Cinder heading towards the spire while Joe (not my Joe) and Ginny (top left) explore on top of another mound of slick rock. 

It was a fun day.  Thanks again Carole ! 
Until next time, take care and...



  1. Nice to hear from you again, we would love to be back in Moab , but is not meant to be. Looking forward to mare of your adventures.

    1. Well just stay tuned George and Susie...there will be more to come! Spring and fall are perfect times of the year!

  2. Thanks for taking me back and reminding me how much I like Moab and need to return.Love that scenery!

    1. You're welcome Ingrid! Sunday was a perfect day to capture some of the beauty here.

  3. What a beautiful day! I can't wait to get back to Moab. Secret Spire is so cool. Glad someone was below to show some real perspective for its size. Great ride! Love the beautiful clouds!!

    1. The Spire is a lot bigger than it looks like Pam. And yes, I watched the clouds all day...quite showy!

  4. Oh those skies - and oh those canyons!! Love the fishbone cloud. That spire looks like it could go at anytime. When we get there this Fall I definitely want to make the drive :-)))) So fun to see you back in the red rock.

    1. It's a date Jodee! We would love to take you there!

  5. Gorgeous as always! The colors, the shapes...just lovely!

  6. Just curious - Where is Gopher Flats in Moab. We were trying to figure out where it is. Looks like it has beautiful views & grass (from your other blogs). We have attended EJS for 4 years and still can't pinpoint Gopher Flats. Thanks for sharing all your 4-wheelin' photos. BTW - nice rig.

    1. Gopher Flats is the name given to our friend's property in Spanish Valley. It is private and she doesn't rent...only for friends! Sorry!

      We fell in love with Moab 5 years ago. Usually spend about 5 months here. Thanks ! If you are here next year, give us a shout out...we can do some wheeling. We don't participate in the EJS trails because it makes for a very long day. We have 3 pups we leave at home so try to limit our days to 6/7 hours.