Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Corona Arch

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
April 11, 2017

Hiking to Corona Arch is one of my favorite things to do in Moab.  We haven't done this trail since our son Joe and DIL Jena were here in June, 2015.  It was time, and yesterday was the day !

With highs expected in the mid seventies, we were up and at the trailhead a little before 10:00 am.  The parking lot only had two other vehicles...perfect !  

Corona Arch Trail is rated moderate.  It's an in and out 3 mile roundtrip trail that follows Bootlegger Canyon.  The trail begins with a climb up a rocky talus slope, that changes to sand and then climbs a shallow rocky canyon.  From there its a trek across sloping slickrock with cairns showing the way.  There is very little shade on this trail...spring and fall are perfect months to explore here.      

In one spot, Moki steps and a cable make climbing a steep slickrock ledge a lot easier.
A ladder is used to climb up another steep slickrock bench.  I love the gnarly cedar tree that stands all alone at the top.  A cable for the ladder wraps around the base of the tree.    

Corona Arch is magnificent with an opening that measures 140' X 105'.  I was glad to see signs restricting rope usage on the arch.  It has been a popular spot for rappelling.  An added bonus on the hike is Bowtie Arch.  It's a pothole arch formed when a pothole above filled with water and eroded down into a cave below.

Bowtie Arch...

I climbed up to the base of Bowtie Arch and found Moon Flowers growing in the moist soil.

Corona Arch...
A zoomed in photo of Joe looking up at Corona Arch.

Same photo not zoomed in.
If you look closely, you can see me walking under the arch. 

And an up shot... 
All along the way to and from the arches, we enjoyed the warm sunshine and signs of spring along the way.  Reds and oranges were the colors of the day.  The Hedgehog cacti were quite stunning...

as were the Indian Paintbrush.

It's amazing how these plants grow in a small clump of dirt in the middle of slickrock.

A little bit of yellow...
A Stemless Woollybase (in the Sunflower Family)
and a butterfly add to the magnificent little things all around us.

Oh and there were whites too.   
Tomentose Amsonia

Well, I can't say enough about what an awesome day it was.
Until next time, 



  1. What a beautiful hike! I have now put this one on our list for when we make it to Moab in the future.

  2. That really is a stunning arch! LOVE the spring flowers too. Amazing that there were only two cars in the lot at 10am!

    1. Thanks Lisa! It's Jeep Safari week so im guessing there are not that many hikers in town...perfect!

  3. And how wonderful to be able to enjoy that scenery without too many people! Gorgeous photos!

  4. As usual absolutely gorgeous photos!

  5. Now that's an awesome hike up to a peaceful destination. I'd think going down would be a challenge too. Beautiful pictures!

    1. Hi Jeff, it's a very popular hike and usually crowded...we hit the jackpot! Thanks.....

  6. The size of that arch is amazing!! Your pics really capture just how big it is. Those darn ladders :-( take these trails out of my comfort zone, so I'm delighted to see it all through your (and Joe's) eyes. Thanks a bunch!

    1. Darn ladders! I know all about comfort zones Jodee and have had several panic attacks on very steep slickrock ledges. You can walk the first part of the trail and get a great view of both arches without doing the Moki steps and the ladder. And pups are welcomed on this trail!

  7. One of our favorites, as well:) One never tires of that beautiful arch. So glad to see the Claret Cup cactus are blooming. They are my favorite. We've seen two here. I hope the Cliffrose are still happening...I love their smell along the trail.

    1. I know Pam, my mouth drops every time I see Corona Arch. The Cliffrose are just getting started so you should see/smell plenty!