Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Moab Maiden

Gopher Flats
Moab, UT
April 3, 2017

Finding the Moab Maiden, sometimes called the Moab Princess, is a fun way to spend a couple of hours especially when you are hiking with friends.  Monday dawned rather chilly and overcast so after the gym, Joe and I settled in for a lazy day with the pups.  The phone rings about 10:00 am and Scott says, "Do you want to go exploring?"  We couldn't reply "YES!" quick enough !

The round trip hike to Moab Maiden takes an hour or more depending on how long you want to explore and enjoy the sights.  The trailhead, located just outside of Moab on Kane Creek Road, features a creek crossing,  a steep ascent/descent, some rock scrambling, and slick rock. 

The Maiden is a solitary figure on a boulder.  The boulder rests on a ridge that overlooks a canyon where Kane Springs Creek flows into the  Colorado River.  The trail that follows Kane Creek Springs is another fun trail to do, but we turned right at the junction and headed up ! 

The scenery from the top of the ridge was spectacular. 

 A close up of Kane Creek Road and the cotton woods from the ridge...
and another picture of Kane Creek Road as we saw it. 
 Humongous, beautiful red rock filled the landscape as far as the eye could see...

and the little things up close that always catch my eye made for a picture perfect day.  Such impressive needles !
The Indian Paintbrush is quite showy among the greens and grays.  
The creek crossing where I was happy to have waterproof boots.

Scott took us to another spot to see petroglyphs, and it turned out to be more of a rock climbing adventure.  Joe, sat this one out.  My vertically challenged self made it up two of the steep ledges with no foot holes or anything to hold on to. Keep in mind we were going up and the spot where we started was fading away fast.  Trust me, its a lot steeper than it looks.  This is the spot anxiety took over and I called it quits even though Scott and Chris were willing to help me.    



We walked the base of the cliff searching for more rock art...

but only found a lonely longhorn sheep.

From there, we were all off to the Moab Diner for a late lunch.  

Until next time, 
Chris getting a selfie with the Moab Maiden.



  1. And I thought the Moab maiden can be seen downtown based on the brochure. Ha ha.Like you I probably would sit out too. She is a pretty lady in her time. Im beginning to miss Moab :(

    1. It was quite a climb to get to the Maiden, but well worth it MonaLiza. You would love it!

  2. Pretty distorted self-perceptions in those days before mirrors :)

  3. The Maiden is big! I love those rock scrambles looking for petroglyphs!

    1. I was surprised by her size Lisa. And that she is all alone!

  4. Someone at the VC in town drew a crude map on a little piece of paper for us to locate the Maiden. After we went to the right and hiked around and up the the cliff finding nothing, we turned around and noticed the path on the opposite side! So off we went. The Maiden was a great find. So...unusual and large! From the top of the flatrock near the Maiden, if you look at the cliff across the road with binoculars, you can see the amazing petroglyphs along the wall near ground level. They are impossible to see from road level. There is a path up the bank through the rocks to the rock art. Along the wall are some nice drawings. Here is our post on the spot of the drawings. We agree that it is a fun hike!

    1. Isn't that a great area for exploring petroglyphs Pam? Did you see the Moab Owl? It's a huge 3 panel wall of very detailed petroglyphs.

  5. The Maiden is amazing!! But my very favorite is your stopping spot - adorable :-)))

    1. Too sweet Jodee! I totally freaked out! If there had only been a cable to hold on to.....

  6. Moab is such a wonderful place to visit. There definitely is so much to do and see.