Monday, July 8, 2019

A Peek Into Spring Canyon

Sand Creek RV Park
Torrey, UT
July 6, 2019

Our last hike in Capital Reef for this trip was to do some exploring in Spring Canyon.  Our friend Roy confirmed that it is indeed a gorgeous canyon not to be missed.  From start to finish, it is nearly a 10 mile hike one way so we knew going in we would only get a sneak peek.  This would be a great over-night hike (not likely for us) or a hike with someone else so that a vehicle could be parked at the finish.  

You might remember that we came across the intersection to Spring Canyon when we hiked the Chimney Rock Trail.  

For Spring Canyon, we went straight
at the first intersection and then took a left at the second intersection.

And we're off.  I love canyon hikes !

We hadn't gone very far when we came to a section of trail completely blocked by huge boulders...some boulder scrambling was in order. 

 And that wasn't the only place the trail was blocked...there were a couple more boulder scrambles.  Fun !
The walk in the wash was easy.  The cliff walls grew taller and taller.   The trail became more and more narrow.  And the shade was glorious. 

We walked 3.5 miles in.  The 3.5 miles out were like a totally different hike.  That's often the case on in and out hikes...we always see new things.  

A few of my favorite pictures...
We saw a mountain you?

Interesting surface to walk on...

So nice to see trees in the canyon...

The only people we saw were these three young people who were hiking the entire trail.  We were taking a snack break when they walked up.   Corey, Allie, and Meghan

This really is a great hike.  Next time I hope to figure out how to hike the entire trail.  Speaking of next time, there is so much left to do here that I just know we will return.  Between the hiking and off-roading we barely scratched the surface.  And a huge bonus...the weather has been awesome !

Capital Reef is near the little town of Torrey.  There isn't a grocery store, but The Chuck Wagon Market has milk and bread.  There are a few restaurants, but we didn't try any of them.  One gas station, a trading post, and several motels finish out Main Street.  It's quiet, quaint, and it is Utah's first International Dark Sky Community.     

Tonight we are settled in at Phillips RV Park in Evanston, WY and excited to be arriving at Colter Bay Village tomorrow.  We have never been to the Tetons either...soooo excited !  So stay tuned !

Until next time,


Last night we drove to Panorama Point in CR to see the sun set.  It wasn't a particularly colorful sunset, but the views from there are majestic.

And this was our front yard when we got home...sweet dreams !


  1. So glad you got to hike part of the Spring Canyon. It is a special place with no people and lots of beauty. You just have to keep going;it draws you in. That first boulder climb you had to do is new. It wasn't there last year. You never know when things will tumble down. I remember every one of those spots. Beautiful photos. Thanks for taking me back! This is my favorite park. We have been there four times for at least ten days or more each time and I still have thing we haven't done.

  2. What a glorious canyon!!! The colors are so rich, and I bet the shade made it nice for the hike. Great mountain lion :-)

  3. Capitol Reef is a very special place...but so is your next destination! We saw so many animals when we stayed in Grand Teton...even fox and porcupine while staying at Colter Bay!

  4. We hiked this trail and like you we did not go all the way but on our way back we made a left turn that took us on top of the mountain then go down Chimney Rock.
    Love this place and thanks for your great photos, brought back lots of memories! - ML