Friday, July 5, 2019

Off-Roading with Roy

Sand Creek RV Park
Torrey, UT
July 4, 2019

Joe and I met Roy three years ago.  He is also a member of Moab Friends For Wheelin' and from time to time comes down from Salt Lake City (his home) for a week-end of camping and trails in Moab.  He and his wife Ramona and puppy Lily also spend time in Torrey.  He loves this area and is full of information and enthusiasm.  He reached out to Joe and I and generously offered to show us some of the spectacularly beautiful places here.  Roy is an avid hiker as well as off-road enthusiast...most of the time combining the two for a full day of outdoor fun.  Because Roy still works, his time is limited to long week-end getaways.    Roy is also a great photographer. He hooked up with us here in Torrey and took us out for two awesome outings:

Hell's Hole :

Hell's Hole is a route in the Fish Lake National Forest.  It is a relatively short in and out trail.  We didn't get the mileage, but we left at 6:00 pm and were home by 8:30.  

 Joe and I both noticed the beautiful, tall, healthy pine trees...a nice reminder of Georgia.  I love the stark contrast of the red and green.

Our first stop was at a spot Roy and Ramona have named Champagne Garden.  

 We drove between a small stand of aspens...
 crossed a little stream...

and along colorful rock formations...

right past Hell's Hole...
to a beautiful canyon with a water pour-off.  The city of Torrey gets its water supply from here.  If there is excess water, it pours off into the creek at the bottom of a deep canyon.

But nope, that was not the end of the trail.  Just look what was next !

And yes, I was right behind Roy !

Our Fourth of July fireworks on the way out!

Upper Muley Twist Canyon :

Todays adventure with Roy had us heading east on Hwy 24
to Notom Road.  Notom Rd. starts out as a paved road...

and changes to a dirt road.  Roy knew all the places to pull-out for photos.  My camera phone doesn't do this ridge justice...the colors were amazing !
Looking straight ahead...

looking left...

and looking right.

In one section, these mounds (Roy told us the name of them, but we forgot...insert disgusted with myself emoji face) had me clicking away.

 I was surprised and happy to see fields of Utah daisies...

The historic Burr Trail is an unpaved trail that runs through Capital Reef. 

It is a 65 mile route that was pioneered in the 1880s by stockmen moving cattle to seasonal grazing lands. 

We joined the Burr Trail at the switchbacks...I love switchbacks !

The following switchback photos were taken on the way down.

We stayed on Burr Trail for a few miles, then made a right hand turn to Upper Muley Twist Canyon. 

 Roy pointed out two arches.  This one we drove under...

and this one we walked under.
Do you see the arch?

It was a double arch !

It was a great July Fourth holiday and we are so happy to have spent it with a dear friend.  Thank you so much Roy for sharing some of our beautiful country that you get to call home.  We are already looking forward to our next visit and more exploring.  

I'll close with a few more pictures...
This is Roy taking a photo of the penstemon.  I would still be there if I had done that !

 So until next time, 
Thanks again Roy.  Looking forward to next time !



  1. A big WOW! So lucky you had a guide taking you to these rugged and amazing colorful rocks! I think the first arch is called Peek-a-Boo arch.
    Great Shots Gay! - ML

  2. These are all amazing drives. We have friends that live in Teasdale (a Torrey suburb) and we have been lucky enough to have them take us around. Sweet that you met up with Roy to have a guide!! Awesome photos! Isn't this park magnificent!! So glad all is going well.

  3. What a fun tour you enjoyed with your own personal tour guide. wonderful scenery.

  4. What an awesome thing to have such a good friend and tour guide! Are all your fabulous photos taken with your cellphone?? Love that double arch!