Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Early Morning Glow...Grand Wash Trail

Sand Creek RV Park
Torrey, UT
July 3, 2019

This morning we were not up and going as early as we like and didn't reach Grand Wash Trailhead until 9:00...that is way late for us.

The trailhead is about 3.5 miles past the Visitor Center on Scenic Drive. 

Scenic Drive didn't get it's name by accident so we had a quick stop to make !

 After we passed the Gifford farm, the curvy paved road narrows.

We made a left hand turn onto a Grand Wash Road.  It is a well maintained dirt/gravel road that ends at the trailhead.

 Grand Wash Trail is a 4.4 (total) in-out hike that follows a flat wash with humongous cliff walls.  It isn't a slot canyon, but in several places the walls close in to make the path narrow.  Much to my delight we arrived in time to catch the morning glow.  

When we finished our hike, we continued on Scenic Drive.  The pave road ends about 20 miles from the Visitor Center  and turns into a gravel washboard dirt road named Capital Gorge Road.  Capital Gorge Rd. is only about 1.5 miles.

We were specifically looking for the Golden Throne.  We saw a sign, but couldn't see what we thought was a golden throne.  It wasn't until we were on the return trip that we saw a man standing beside the road taking a picture.  It was the Golden Throne.  Yep, that is it...dead center in the photo below.  There is a hike to the throne, but we will save it for next time...its a pretty steady climb !  The rock formation is made of a gold colored Navajo sandstone.  This is especially cool because normally the sandstone is white or red.  
Golden Throne stands 7,042 feet and shines a deep yellow in the sun.  

Today was a beautiful second day in Capital Reef.  We are enjoying our time here and have lots more planned...stay tuned.

I'll close with a few more pictures from the morning...

So until next time...



  1. Gorgeous photos as usual! The Gifford farm photo is special! Wished Mike liked to hike--but he was raised on a horse--doesn't see much need for hiking! LOL!!

  2. Ha ha Steve does the same thing too, stop and clean the windshield!
    We can take good drive by snapshots with clean windshield...Great shot of one of the scenic hikes among the tall cliffs. There were pioneer writings on the wall, did you see them? - This is ML again, cant seem to post my comment as Lowestravels :)

  3. Your photos of the Grand Wash are beautiful. You did catch the light at just the right time. The Golden Throne hike was one of the very first we did on our initial visit to this park. It's a nice hike but it does climb some but it's not too long. Looks like perfect weather.

  4. I think the lighting was perfect, especially at the much more reasonable time of 9:00 a.m.! :) We are hoping to make it out there next year, so seeing all these beautiful places is getting me excited to really start planning. Enjoy!