Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Sahuarita Trail

Corona de Tucson

April 20, 2022

Last Wednesday, we woke up to rather chilly weather.  

In fact when we went out to feed the birds and put fresh water in the birdbath, the water in the birdbath had a thin layer of ice.

One good thing about being in Tucson is that on the these chilly spring mornings, it usually warms up quickly.  Our plan for the day was to explore a new trail just down the road from our home.  

Sahuarita Trailhead is at the end of Hwy 82  (Sahuarita Road) at the intersection  where we make a right turn onto Arizona Scenic Hwy 83 towards Sonoita.  We noticed the sign and trailhead when we were driving home after the Gabe Zimmerman Trail.  

Just like Davidson Creek and Gabe Zimmerman trails, Sahuarita Trail is also a part of the Arizona National Scenic Trail. The trail can be hiked from either side of Hwy 82.  Randy stopped by to pick us up as the trail is only 6 miles from our driveway.  There is plenty of parking and we only passed a couple of other hikers along the trail.    

We chose to head west towards the Santa Rita Mountains.  

It was an amazing clear blue sky day with cool temps and no wind...perfect !

The fairy dusters were blooming...

  the cacti were blooming...

and the ocotillo were blooming.  

I thought these ocotillo buds were pretty.  I have never noticed them before.

We saw lots of sparrows.

And the bunnies were busy.  After all, it was the week before Easter.

The trail offers enough ups and downs to make it fun.  

And one section had lots of rock outcroppings.

Wednesday night I tripped over Sally. I was checking my phone for the time when I stood up and stepped forward.  In my effort to not hurt Sally, I found myself on the floor.  I bent my big toe back or forward...I'm not really sure which.  It hurt like crazy and started to swell quickly.  Joe made an ice pack, but Thursday morning, I could not put any weight on it.  I hobbled around the house for a couple of days.  Now it's only a little swollen and all shades of blue, gray and yellow.   Talk about a sudden halt to morning walks and just when we were on a good routine.  Oh well, this too shall pass and the quicker the better!  

After sitting at home with a propped up foot, we were getting a little stir crazy.  Randy called to ask if we wanted to go to Tubac on Saturday and we jumped at the chance.  

Tubac is a small community situated on the Santa Cruz River and nestled between the Tumacacori and Santa Rita mountain ranges. 

It might be a small community, but it offers a rich history and an artistic experience.  

Randy joined us for a nice visit and dinner on Easter Sunday. 
I made the recipe Janna shared on one of her recent blog posts...creamy tuscan chicken.  It was amazing Janna and thank you for sharing.  

Back at the oasis, we have two new cacti.  After living in the desert for a year, it was time to have something desert worthy with lots of prickles.  

Our yard is mostly a clean slate and we have not decided on what "the big picture" is so we are taking baby steps and using pots.  At some point, we hope to transplant them.

Trichocereus grandifloras or Torch Cactus

Three fireball barrel cacti

I have never planted cacti before and it does look a  little intimidating.  Jay at Desert Bloom Garden Center gave us lesson 101 and was so helpful.  A pair of gloves is key, but you don't wear them. You hold them in your hand as you shake the cactus out of the "growing pot" so you don't get stuck or break any spines.  

The puppies are enjoying picnics...  

the Gamble's Quail have discovered the peanut butter bites...

the entertainment comes at no extra charge...

and we still pinch ourselves to make sure this is not a dream !

And that is another week in the memory book already.  Life is good.  

Thank you for the photo Randy!

Until next time,



  1. What a beautiful time of the year down there with everything blooming! Yours is the second blog I read this morning that featured quail, what are the odds of that? Your bird water gets a skim of ice on it. Ours freezes solid! Yesterday was in the 60's though so hopefully those days are behind us for the year.

    1. We do enjoy the desert in the spring. It’s my favorite time of year until fall and then fall is my favorite. The quail are very entertaining and we hope to have babies soon. Hope your days are warmer and warmer!

  2. Beautiful Spring day in your corner of the desert. The Torch Cactus is awesome in full bloom.
    Hope that toe-jam doesn't keep you off the trails for long.

    1. It’s still hard to believe this is our backyard Jeff! Fingers crossed on my toe. It’s better today and tapped to the toe next to it.

  3. Glad you liked the chicken--it's on my menu again soon. Ouch on your toe--hope it heals quickly! When your feet hurt your whole body hurts! Have you guys ever visited Quality Pottery in Tucson? Louanne and I went--it was an amazing place!! Plants, pottery, cool stuff!

    1. Thank you Janna! The Quality Pottery we have visited is on Los Nogales Hwy. They have lots and lots of pots and really cool stuff, but we have not seen plants there. Maybe they have a bigger location you visited…

  4. Another great hike in paradise. I've never noticed how beautiful the ocotillo buds are either. Glad you made this discovery for all us. You have a blooming cactus of your own! Hurray! Good to see the puppies enjoying a treat. Love Sally's head in the dish! Lovely photo of you and Joe:) Life is so good, isn't it!

    1. Yes it is Pam! It’s nice to have some desert hikes close to home. Sally eats very slow and rarely comes up for air…👍. The ocotillo have been amazingly beautiful this year. It was a dry winter so I’m not sure why that is. The blooms have been such a rich orange-red and we see them everywhere we go.