Thursday, September 22, 2022

The Last Week of Summer...

Corona de Tucson

September 22, 2022 

Sunday morning walk

Can't believe summer is officially over.  Where did it go?  I know I keep saying it, but time sure has a way of flying by. 

Pearl, our 2013 JK Wrangler, turned over 100,000 driving miles.  She has been an awesome ride and given us so many adventures and so much fun. 

So Monday, we took her in for a check-up.  All was good except she needed new rotors and brake pads.   Joe had suspected that would be the case and wasn't surprised.  

The folks at BRAKEmax are very professional, thorough, friendly, and reasonable.  They don't just do brakes...they do complete tire and auto service.  

Our only other outing for the week (We don't count grocery shopping as an outing!) was a beautiful hike at Madera Canyon.  We stopped by to pick Randy up and the three of us had a delightful time hiking the Upper Proctor Trail.  It's a trail we never get tired of.  It was especially nice on Wednesday morning as it had rained the night before.

To the south the skies were still overcast.

But looking north, we could see blue.

I enjoyed everything...the rushing water,

the colorful flowers still wet from the night before,

the views,

the trees,

the hundreds of butterflies,

These little butterflies were blue with their wings open.

the grasses,

the red-headed caterpillars,

and the best hiking buddies who never complained a single time about my stopping to take pictures...alot !

The rest of the week was quiet around the oasis.

Mrs. Flicker stopped by for a's always a treat to see her. 

She was enjoying herself at the feeder until a huge chunk of seeds fell to the ground.  It frightened her and she quickly flew away.

We enjoyed some pretty sunrises on our walks.

And yesterday morning we watched the sunrise from home since we were hiking later.

It rained three afternoons this week.  Yesterday we were even under a flash flood warning.

Each day we saw a rainbow.

And this morning, just like that it was fall.

I'll close with a few more photos from the week.  Until next time,



  1. Awesome desert rain pictures, is that an Agave with the raindrops? Nice ... bet your ocotillo are in full green leaf too.
    Great to see so much water along your trail, but I'd pass on those redheads!

    1. Good morning Jeff. Yes that is an agave with the rain drops. The ocotillo were very green a few weeks ago, the have since dropped all their leaves as we had several weeks with no rain. Fingers crossed they leaf up again. Those redheads caught my eye…there were two clusters of them…interesting and creepy.

  2. Awesome pictures! Do you have a lift kit on your Jeep? If so, what kind is it? We are looking for one for ours.

    1. Thanks Jim! Our very first jeep modification was in June 2013 thanks to advice from dear friends in Moab. A 2.5” TERAFLEX lift kit was added along with several other things.

  3. Beautiful photos--making us homesick for the desert!

    1. Thanks Janna! I can’t think of any place I would rather be right now. Will you be heading this way soon?

    2. We won't be back in AZ until sometime around Thanksgiving as I am having my knee replaced in less than a month.

    3. Hope all goes well Janna. Hope to get together this winter.

  4. Beautiful pics, I love this time of year in the desert - looking forward to cooler days though! Those caterpillars look like they're from another planet - I've never seen one!!

    1. Thanks Jodee…I’ve never seen them before either! Way creepy! Cooler weather is on the way…a few more days and then no more 90s. 👏

  5. Madera Canyon is such a great place to hike. I love the sound of water on any trail. Not sure what I think about the red headed caterpillars. Pretty but, ugh, too many. Makes me itch. Beautiful photos!

    1. Thanks Pam! Madera Canyon has turned into our go to hiking spot for these warmer days…cooler temps, shade, and the beauty are nice. Those red heads were creepy!