Thursday, March 2, 2023

A Gathering and Two Visits to the Park

Corona de Tucson

March 2, 2023

Sunday night's clear sky and sunset after a snowy, windy start to the day sure was nice to see.

The following days warmed nicely and Tuesday, I had a case of cabin fever.  It was off to Saguaro National Park East (SNP) for a needed dose of sunshine. We have hiked there many times, and never grow tired of the trails or the views or the desert plants.  


Wednesday a day trip took us southeast about an hour from home to Dragoon Road. 

It was a special day...

The stars finally aligned and we had a wonderful gathering at Janna and Mike's who live in Pearce.  Sue and DavePam and John, and Jodee and Bill...folks we call good friends, folks we met years ago, and folks we have wonderful memories with from days when we were full-time rollin'...were all there.  It's like Sue said, we do stay in touch thru our blogs, but catching up face to face is way better and much more fun. Of course, no gathering is quite complete without good food to share.  The second we walked into Janna and Mike's beautiful home, the mouthwatering aroma from a brisket Janna had put in the over earlier filled the air. Mexican cornbread (Pam), cowboy beans (Jodee) , slaw (Sue), and macaroni salad (me) sure made for a very tasty lunch!  Top that off with chocolate chip cream cheese bars (Pam) and it was lunch "fit for a king" as my grandma would say.       

Mike, Janna and Emmi

Funny stories, lots and lots of laughter, reminiscing, and plans for the future have a way of making the hours seem like minutes.  And just like that it was time to head home.  Thank you Janna and Mike and Emmi!

As predicted, the forecast for late Wednesday afternoon called for strong winds with a winter watch arriving in the wee hours of the morning.  We have become accustomed to the winds here, but always take notice when the forecast calls for strong winds.  Strong winds are usually 40+ mph and sure enough, Wednesday was no exception at 55 mph.  And sure enough, when we woke up today, there was snow on the ground...4 inches of snow.  That was the most snow at one time so far and the third snow for the season.  Today's adventure found us back at SNP East for an auto hike.  It was a sight to behold !

Our family back in South Carolina and North Carolina are in shock !  We are in shock ! This is the desert you know.  The ranger at the park says these wet, cold winters are on an 8-10 year cycle.  Our first winter in Tucson was in 2013 and in all the years after that we have not experienced anything like this winter.  It isn't a complaint...we are way happy to see the desert get so much water after so many years of going without.  And fingers crossed for lots of wildflowers and cacti full of blooms.  While we were there, there was a mix of dark gray skies, light gray skies, and blue skies with white clouds.    

The eight mile one-way loop was closed so we drove to the picnic area with stops at pull-outs along the way.  

Fingers crossed, spring is just around the corner...

Back at the oasis,  Sally still brings a toy to supper...

waits patiently for her bowl...

and keeps it close.  

Dover is always near by...

    And Jack hones in on his killer instincts. 

The torch cactus is growing hair...

We had icicles...

and snow.

The sweet little goldfinch clean out their feeder everyday !

 And sunsets are beautiful...

Wednesday sky...6:15 pm

Until next time,  



  1. How fun that you got to meet up with everyone. We have not met Mike and Janna or Sue and Dave yet but we read their blogs and feel like we kinda know everyone. Enoy that snow while it lasts, you certainly do not get to see that very often!

    1. Good afternoon Jim & Barb. It was so great to to see all these folks. Lots of memories in that group! Your names came up at lunch…you have lots of fans in AZ! Next time you head south, maybe we can all gather again! Had a blast at the park this morning. Joe drove the car & I only got in it a few times to warm my hands…can’t manage the camera with gloves! Wahoo!

  2. What a great Jeep Reunion!!! I also follow their but have not met them. a great gathering.
    SNOW! That's a lot of snow you've enjoyed this year. Makes for some beautiful photos and you've captured the event for memories.
    Do you know what that 'jelly belly' is? (F595.jpeg) Have never seen one like that :)

    1. Good morning Jeff. It is always awesome to get together with friends! Snow is exciting for me (and Sally)…we didn’t get very much in GA. Are you asking about the barrel cactus with the red and orange spots…jelly belly? The fruit was all gone and I have no idea what those spots are…

  3. Oh my Gay! Those snow photos in Saguaro NP are gorgeous!! I'm still smiling about our gathering--it was such a great day! See you again soon!

    1. Good morning Janna! I’m still smiling too! It doesn’t get much better than good friends and good food! The park sure took on a whole new personality in the snow. I’m so happy we were here to see it. Looking forward to seeing you three too!

  4. What a terrific idea to take a drive through the snowy desert. Your photos are wonderful. It was such a fun gathering at Janna and Michael's. Hopefully we won't have to wait so long for the next time.

    1. Hi Pam! SNP East is our go to for a quick trip to see/hike in the desert. It was beautiful. I’m with you! We should get together more and if anyone wants to visit the Tucson area, our home is always open for a gathering.

  5. Great pictures, dry and snowy both! It was wonderful seeing you two at Janna and Michael's house and catching up face to face. Love the Jeep Convergence photo and, as always, I so enjoy seeing the pups and read their captions.

    1. Thank you Sue! Joe and I felt the same way about seeing you and Dave also…face to face is way more fun! The pups sure have their own personalities don’t they? Sally has been so funny the past few months.