Sunday, March 19, 2023

Hello Spring !

Corona de Tucson

March 19, 2023 

Madera Canyon...3-18-23

I can hardly believe spring is upon us.  When we returned home from Willcox last Sunday, I was surprised to find the torch cactus had a beautiful bloom.  

And Monday, it was completely open.  There are lots more of those hairy buds...fingers crossed !

I was not surprised to find the bird feeders empty and the birdbath dry.  The birds were not happy !

Our first order of business...Joe filled the birdbath and watered the bird's tree while I filled all the feeders.

Our travel day home from Willcox was also my birthday.  It was a tuff decision to decide what I really wanted this year.  I say tuff because I wanted a new patio rocker, but I also hated to part with the one I had which just happens to be almost 40 years old.  It was a gift from Joe when we married. 

It had been painted so many times thru the years...terra cotta, blue, black, or what ever color fit the mood of the season and finally white.  It not only rocked back and forth, but side to side too.  I spent countless hours in that rocker, but alas, it has been moved to the garage.

Monday morning, we were off to Lowes to pick up a new rocker Joe had ordered on-line.  He did a great job picking it even matches his rocker.  As with most "things to do" around our house, we enjoyed putting it together together. 

Everywhere we look, orange, yellow and a combination of both seem to be the color of the week.  Arizona poppies are amazingly beautiful along the side of the road and Globe Mallow is a very close second...two of my favorites (But I usually say that about any of the wildflowers that are blooming at the time.).

We have a couple of walks in the rear view mirror.  Walking hasn't been the issue, it has been the motivation to walk for us.  We so enjoy the time we spend walking the cart path around the neighborhood, but it seems that every time we get going, it rains or it's windy or it's cold...the perfect excuse to have another cup of coffee instead.  I am determined this go round though so fingers crossed.

Saturday we had a delightful walk at Madera Canyon.  We chose the walk along the creek because what's not to love about the sound of running water.  

We spotted this deer enjoying breakfast...
And a smaller deer a bit more cautious...

We always see/hear lots of Mexican Jays at the canyon.

I think this is a Yellow Warbler. 

We took the long way home via Box Canyon Rd which traverses about 20 miles from Madera Canyon Rd to Arizona Scenic Hwy 83.  Heading east the maintained dirt road traverses thru grassy flat land dotted with mesquite trees.   

Eventually, the road narrows, drops down and crosses Box Canyon Creek...

...before it begins to climb the northern side of the Santa Ritas.  

You can just make out the road as it begins its climb in the center of the photo.

In this direction, the passenger has a great view of the basin with the cotton wood and sycamore trees that line Box Creek.  The driver hugs a cliff wall.


Back at the oasis, we had one colorful sunrise.

A sleepy Dover,

a tired Jack, 

and a "watch dog" Sally.

Spring is in the air,

and we are so ready !

Until next time,



  1. Happy Birthday, Gay!
    It's obvious your feathered friends missed you, nice they had the confidence to wait for your return.
    Looks like both of you and Pearl had fun on the trails this week. So much water flowing through your favorite canyons.
    So nice to have colorful blossoms and rocking chairs on the patio to enjoy the mornings and evenings.

    1. Thank you Jeff and Fran. It has been a nice birthday month! I always wonder how long it will take the birds to figure out they have food again. We were only gone a week so that helped and they didn’t wander off too far. It’s fun taking Pearl out for something other than a trip to the grocery store. Trails are a lot more fun! Can’t wait to settle in on the patio and my new rocker…😄.

  2. I cannot decide what to say first. I am going to go with.... your photographs are incredible, then follow that up with Happy Birthday! And what a pleasant surprise to come home to that bloom. Keep on enjoying spring and that lovely rocker!

    1. Thank you Jim and Barb. Madera Canyon is a great place to take photos. I could walk there every week and find something new to photograph each time. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I really was very surprised about my cactus bloom. Fingers crossed there are more…it’s loaded with buds!

  3. Happy Birthday Gay! And I love your new rocker! Good to see you stuck to your guns and had Joe out on the trails. Your photos are lovely as always. I adore that first bird one--he seems to be saying, "it's about time you got home!" The poppies are appearing in our yard!

    1. Good morning Janna and thank you. It’s been an awesome birthday month! The cactus wrens are so animated…I love catching them and all their shenanigans. They sometimes make me laugh out loud! Aren’t the poppies so pretty? I’m really happy spring is here even though we have two rainy days and a chilly day in the forecast this week…

  4. Spectacular spring photos!! Now all we need here is some warmer spring temps:) Love that you made it home in time to see the cactus bloom. Happy Belated Birthday! Sweet puppies!

    1. Hi Pam and thank you on both accounts! It’s been a nice birthday and what’s not to love about photos from Madera Canyon. I’m with you…expecting two days of rain this week and one of them with high of only 57…😬. I told the pups you said they were sweet…but just so you know, Jack has everyone fooled. He can be very grumpy!

  5. Happy Birthday Gay, I know you had a good day. We love Madera Canyon and the ride home on Box Canyon Road. Isn't it nice to arrive home to waiting friends? Great puppy pictures.

    1. Hi Sue and thank you! Can’t wait to get some rocking chair time!

  6. I'm sure the birds were happy to have their staff return to care for them! Glad you were able to get back to your walks and that you shared their beauty with us. So many pretty shots along the way.

    1. Thank you Jodee! When it’s finally spring after a long winter, it’s my favorite season. But when it’s finally fall after a long hot summer, it’s my favorite! 🤪