Sunday, March 26, 2023

Oh the Clouds !

Corona de Tucson

March 26, 2023 

A pretty sunrise on March 21...

It's just been one of those weeks.  I wasn't even going to write a blog post as there isn't that much to say, yet it was a busy week.  On Tuesday, Joe and I had appointments with the GP to go over our annual blood work.  All good there !  But the day was cloudy, rainy and windy.  Not much fun to be out and about so we came straight home. 

Jack had a spa day on Wednesday.  He was not happy, but he sure has a cute hair cut !  The girls had their nails done.  

Riding home from Cynthia's (the groomer)...

Our third appointment for the week was check-ups for all the pups at our vet's in Green Valley.  We were up early on Friday morning and arrived promptly at 8:25 for Dover's appt. at 8:30.  By the time Dr Huang was done with all three it was going on 11:00.  Dover had swollen nodes in her neck so a sample was taken and sent to the lab.  Jack and Sally had senior blood work done and sent to the lab.  All three had heart worm tests and tests for parasites. And all three had a full "hands on" exam by Dr. Huang. 

Dr. Huang measuring...

Jack's heart murmur was louder than usual so he had x-rays and extra blood work as well.  We love Dr. Huang.  She is thorough, offers practical and good advice, and she is so kind to our pups.  Jack's x-rays were read on the spot and there are no signs of an enlarged heart.  

Jack insists on ball play everyday.  A few minutes won't do.  Most days I throw and he retrieves for at least an hour.  

Dr Huang says Jack's heart is perfect !  

I just love this picture of Jack !

On the way home from the vets, these three were definitely sticking together ! Jack has his head on Dover's leg and Sally will not ride on the seat.  They are the best of buddies !

In between all the appointments, we got in four walks (2.7 miles each) on the cart path this week.  I did give myself a pat on the back and a wahoo after each walk.  

A little color, 

  busy birds...cactus wrens I think, 

 and a view of our world is really all the motivation I need !

We don't have many places on our side (the west side) of the interstate to shop..  There is a convenience store for milk and gas which has a deli and cooks up yummy pizzas made to order. 

And we feel quite fortunate to have our very own go to place for things we need around the house.  Corona Ace Hardware is well stocked and best of all convenient for quick trips.  Joe needed a fitting for the hose pipe one afternoon.  Of course while he shops, I peruse.   

Aren't they just the cutest?  

Back at the oasis, we have enjoyed the early morning clouds...

the late afternoon clouds...

and all the clouds in-between.  

And Thursday's sunrise was especially pretty.

We both are in awe of the blooms on the torch cactus.  There are three blooms on the top.

Looking down on them...

And a side photo...

And there are lots more buds !

Jack plays ball inside.

The cactus wrens are very busy.  

And the coyotes have been on the prowl.

An early morning photo as the sun was coming up.  

And look who came to spend the week-end.  Ozzie and he brought Jamie and Andra.  Yippee !

Saturday the four of us went to Tucson for the annual Spring 4th Avenue Street Fair.

I added one more basket to my collection.  Akua's Boutique, founded by Theresa Fenn, is one of my favorite booths at the fair.  The baskets are crafted by artisans in Madagascar.  It is made of 100% natural Madagascar Raffia.  The raffia comes from palm trees that are native to tropical regions in Africa.  I have one other basket from is very durable and the colors are beautiful.  And I love my new has a unique shape.  

My new basket...

Also, a new to me booth was Vinyl Record Art.  Vinyl records are turned into pieces of art with a clock.  I didn't get a photo of the pieces that represented the artists on the record...Elvis, Chicago, Pink Floyd, etc.  They were way cool.  

This side of the partition was for hobbies and sports.  Seamstress, gardener, golfer, cyclist...the list goes on and on.  

We always enjoy our time on 4th Street. 

We always enjoy our time visiting with the kiddos too.  Sally wanders about the house after they leave looking in all the rooms for them.  And often we find her sitting in the hall by their room.  

Well, that's about it for the week so until next time, 

Early morning light...

Fluffed up feathers on a Curve-billed Thrasher 



  1. The cactus blooms are beautiful, your fur babies are beautiful and the record clocks are very cool. I love how your dogs love each other, makes me smile.

    1. Good morning you two! The pups are funny…we all lived in pretty tight quarters for all those years we rolled around the country in the motorhome. Now that they have space to spread out, they still prefer to be together and near us as well. Sally is the exception as occasionally we find her in the bedroom all by herself. I would have bought one of those clocks, but I don’t have anywhere to put one…😩. I’ve never seen anything like them before!

  2. Glad to hear that all the medical visits went so well.
    The clouds all look quite lovey over your desert this week
    Your new basket is huge! Guess I'll wait for a future post to see how it's put to use

    1. Good morning Jeff. It’s always a big WHEW when the doctor/vet visits go well. The Arizona skies were definitely a big draw for us to settle here. I’m not sure the new basket has a real purpose…I just loved the shape and color…except to put a smile on my face when I walk by the foyer. It’s on the bench by the front door for now.

  3. I love reading your blogs Gay--they give me a sense of calm! Love the photos of the pooches, glad all is well them and you two! That torch cactus is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Janna. What a very sweet thing to read this morning. Life around here is wonderful. After all the years of having jobs, raising four children, caring for parents, and driving around the country in a MH, calm works! The torch cactus has been a nice surprise. I wasn’t really expecting it to be so pretty. I mostly got it for the birds to have a perch near the feeders…

  4. Yes the clouds really are such a treat with so much variety! Sounds like the clan had a busy day with their vet. LOL at the pic of Jack! Your torch cactus is stunning. I don't think I've seen one before. Love the coyote pics.

    1. Hi Jodee! The pups were worn out and so were Joe and I. We were all in the same little room as the pups each had their turn. The vet even did Dover’s check up on the floor under the table. The torch cactus blooms have been a nice surprise. It requires very little care…my kind of plant!

  5. The Arizona skies are most beautiful....we comment on that daily. I'm glad you bought the basket just because it makes you smile....what better reason is there?

    1. Hi Sue! I totally agree...about the skies and the basket.

  6. So good to hear all is well with the Clan! Love the photos of the pups. It's good they enjoy their time with their cousin. Looks like a another nice family visit. That Torch Cactus is spectacular!! Wow! Keep the cactus bloom photos coming!

    1. Hi Pam, Sally thinks Ozzie is just about the best ever! He engages her a lot to play. The torch cactus has been a nice surprise...I especially like it because it docent require much of anything from me.