Sunday, June 24, 2012

A day of exploring...

 Friday, Joe and I went exploring. Our first stop was the Taftsville Historic District. The tropical storm Irene did alot of damage to the area last August. The covered bridge is one of two that are no longer in use due to flooding that washed away roads. The historic district is located along the Ottauquechee River.
 Simon Pearce moved to the Vermont area 28 years ago from Ireland. He set up his first studio in the historic woolen mill on the Ottauquechee River. The studio is open to the public. The artists were very friendly and encouraged the bystanders to ask questions. They offered alot of information about their work and their experience. Mostly, they work in teams of two to create perfect pieces of glassware.

The retail store is stocked with the glassware made at this studio and the studio at Windsor, VT. The pieces are so pretty and after watching the glassblowers at work, Joe and I have a greater appreciation for the art. Anyone interested can check out the web

 Our second stop was the Billings Farm and Museum. It is a working farm from the 1890s. Mr. Billings was a lawyer, not a farmer...lived in New York, not Vermont...studied law in California and Billings,Montana is named after him (I'm not quite sure why). He did hire a full time farm manager to run the farm. They have about the same number of jerseys today that were there when Mr. Billings was the owner. It was turned into a museum in the 1980s, but continues to sell milk to Cabot and other local cheese makers. We also saw horses, sheep, and chickens. The farm house that was built in 1890 is fully furnished and the process used for making butter then is on display. Also, another museum tells the story of rural life in Vermont throughout history.

Next stop....Woodstock. We had a late lunch at the Village Butcher....yummy sandwiches on homemade bread with their own special blend of honey mustard.

We stopped for a yummy dessert on the way home....two slices each!

Home Sweet Home!


  1. I love little towns like that. That cow looks so sweet, such big beautiful eyes.
    2 pieces each, well I'm not going to say anything about that!!!!!
    And..don't let me anywhere near that glass shop..I just love stuff like that.
    Drive safe guys.

  2. It looks like Chase sitting at the table behind yall where yall stopped for lunch....I had to do a double take.