Monday, June 4, 2012

Sunday with the Clark's

Joey playing ball...
...and Zoe and Ross on the front porch.
Out for a Sunday stroll!
Ron and Pat's front yard.

Joe and I had the pleasure of spending Sunday afternoon with Ron and Pat at their home on The Lawrence River. What a real treat that was! The afternoon generated one wow after another. First off, their beautiful home sits in as unbelieveable point on the river just a short boat ride to the Rideau of several World Heritage Sites in Canada.

Ron docked the boat at the Hotel Kenney. It is located at the foot of the Jones Falls locks on the Rideau Canal. The hotel was built in 1888 as a fishing lodge.
Jones Falls began in 1827 and was completed in 1832. Four locks were constructed at the site, each with a lift of 15 feet. The locks operate today much as they did 160 years ago. Most of the stone blocks are the ones that were emplaced at the time of construction.

The large wooden lock doors are opened and closed using hand cranks. The cranks are used to let water in and out of the locks.

This is the blacksmith's shop located just below the upper lock. It was built in 1834 to house a forge devoted to repairing the iron canal works. Without a blacksmith's shop on site, repairs to gates and other canal structures would have taken weeks.

What a surprise! As we were walking to the Lockmaster's house, a mama snapping turtle was laying her eggs. Pat and I watched about 12 - 20 eggs drop. When the eggs dropped, she would use her leg/foot to push them into the hole. On our way back down, she had finished and was busy covering them up.

The Lockmaster's House was built in 1841 by the British as a defensible residence for the lockmaster. Peter Sweeney ( the first lockmaster), lockmaster from 1839 - 1871, documented the early history of the canal operation in his personal diary. As a result, it has become the focus of the interpretive program at the lockstation.

The house includes most of the original stone masonry walls, the roofing frame, and the floor.

The Stone Arch Dam at Jones Falls  was completed in 1832. At that time it was the largest dam in North America.

These rocks.....the Canadian Shield....are more than 570 million years old. The shield provides a unique and interesting shore line.

What a wonderful afternoon. Thank you both for lunch, the tour and history lesson, and sharing your time with us!

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  1. sure is a pretty spot for a home...I can see Joey in the patio door....LOL