Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scooter Ride

Ron invited Joe and I to go on a scooter ride today. He is a great guide and very generous with his time. We had a wonderful day.

We had to make a stop at the Harley dealership. We had just started out when someone stopped us to say we had a back light out. I picked out a tee shirt while Joe got the bulb.

I took this picture while Joe and Ron were working on the bulb at the Harley store. I was quite proud of myself for capturing the fly in flight!

Pictures along the old limestone house someone is rebuilding.

Really cute cottages just outside of Gananoque, Ontario.

The Canadian Gateway to the 1000 Islands...this is the beautiful Gananoque Marina located on the St. Lawrence River.

Ron leading the way!

The 1000 Islands SkyDeck...we took the elevator! It only takes 40 seconds to reach the first (glass enclosed) of three observation decks. The SkyDeck is 400 feet above the St. Lawrence on Hill Island (one of the 1000 Islands). On a clear day you can see a panaramic view 40 miles away.

From the SkyDeck you can see islands of all shapes and sizes. We did learn that there are really 1,800 islands and that for an island to be "an island" it has to have two trees on it.

A view of the 1000 Islands Bridge...we crossed it twice today... from  the SkyDeck. The international bridge system over the St. Lawrence connects northern New York with southeastern Ontario. It was constructed in 1937, with additions in 1959.

I learned something new today...a food truck, or a mobile kitchen is called a Chip Truck. Ron treated us to burgers, fries, and sodas at Paula's Place, a Chip Truck on Hwy. 132 just off the Thousand Island Parkway. Yummy!!!
Look very closely...see the stone figure in the yard? It is an Inuksuk. These were built by the Inuit of Arctic Canada and Alaska. The term "Inuksuk" means "to act in the capacity of a human". Inuksuk were once  placed upon the landscape by the Inuit for different reasons...hunting and navigational aides or markers and message centers.Today the Inuksuk are used as a symbol friendship, cooperation, and strength. 

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