Saturday, June 9, 2012

 Yesterday Joe and I went on a 1000 Island Cruise. It was a 3 hour sightseeing cruise on the Island Queen. The scenery was beautiful and it was so peaceful. Our boat left Kingston and took us to the Admiralty group of islands at Gananoque.

Our entertainment as we waited to board the boat...the mama did a great job keeping all 11 of her babies together.
Roger James provided entertainment on the cruise. He played a banjo and a guitar. He also offerered interesting commentary along the way.
A view of Fort Henry from the St. Lawrence...

The islands straddle the Canadia - U.S. border in the St. Lawrence River for about 50 miles.

A view of Kingston as we were leaving.

One of the many beautiful homes on a private island.

Napolean's Hat located on an island in the Admiralty group.

Every island has a number....all 1865 of them....and that number never changes.

There are a great number of rocks and shoals. The water is so clear...

One of the many yacht clubs along the way.

This would be an interesting way to get home ....

This is the Mandalay Mansion. ..the biggest home in Kingston. The father of the person who built this home made his fortune from the tree shaped air freshners that we hang in our vehicles....

The ferry from Kingston to Wolfe Island...the only way to get there. About 350 people live there and the ferry runs around the clock.

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