Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Day for the Birds!

By mid morning the sun had warmed up to a very nice 71 degrees F. Just a beautiful day to sit outside and read. It wasn't long till I heard the birds...first the crows. I put the kindle down and picked up the camera just in time to look up and see a busy crow squawking. Wrecks was tormented!

Looks like the makings of a nest. Below is the feeder in our yard here.

These old crows have NOT been very busy! Just sorta sitting there taking in all the goings and comings...or so I thought. They were spotted in Apopka,FL by Rick and Kathy Rousseau ( from It's about time.

 OK all my bloggin this a Cooper's Hawk or a Western Red-Tail Hawk in the picture below? He was spotted in the tree next door to us. He and the crows were not getting along!

Couldn't resist the butterfly...

Jack and Dover waiting very patiently to go to the doggie park...

I just liked this picture...the bird  was brownish, but had a pretty yellow spot on his wing which does not show up in the photo.

Another attempt to get a hummer in flight...

Could this be the end?

Hummer and dove...

Sally has a new doo!

Well, the geese are headed north, but we are "Here for Now" and just loving it. Plan to be here until March 8th.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday and rest of the week. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit us. If time allows, leave us a comment. And remember...y'all come back!


  1. You're right those old crows seem to be putting on more miles in a day then the both of use combined. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Definitely an adult Cooper's hawk! ... long tail, red eye, and horizontal striping on the breast.

  3. After a second look, it could also be an adult sharped-shinned hawk. Can't tell how large it is by the picture, but the leg looks thin like a sharpy.

  4. Thank goodness for our bird expert Judy. Loving the nice weather.

  5. Beautiful butterfly picture. You did a good job getting the hummer in flight. They go so fast, wow. Like reading blogs where people are having good weather....not! (Just kidding) I really do makes me have pleasant thoughts about what is coming our way soon please!

  6. Great bird pictures, thanks so much for sharing.
    I think the geese are heading north too soon.

  7. I watched a PBS special on crows the other night. It was really interesting -- they are very smart birds!

  8. LOVED all the beautiful pictures! So glad you are having warm weather....not so much here! :-)

  9. Wonderful pictures of the birds! You did a great job capturing the humming bird in flight...they are so quick. Beautiful butterfly!

    The dogs are adorable. Glad they have room to be outside.

    Hopefully, today we will have a blog on our stay at Valley of Fire. There was no internet but we did get the phone. Our new location outside Zion NP has WiFi but too weak to upload pictures. So we will move to the town for a stronger connection to upload. Since you are headed that way, I wanted you to see the park. You must consider staying in the park...absolutely beautiful and so quiet.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in San Diego!