Thursday, February 14, 2013

Old Town San Diego

Part 1...

Last Tuesday, was a beautiful day to get out and about. Old Town was our destination. Instead of driving,  we rode the bus to the 24th Street blue line trolley station and then switched over at 12th & Imperial station for the green line which took us to the entrance of Old Town.

It was a short walk over the river bridge to the corner for the bus stop.

The short walk, bus ride and changing trolley lines took about 40 min.

Old Town certainly appeals to all the senses. First off, the colors are brilliant....bright and cheery and everywhere !Second, the smell of cooking tortillias, cinnamon and other spices floating through the air sure cause the tummy to rumble. Third, the sound of music puts a skip and hop in your walk. Next, textures of the plants, baskets, jewelry, scarves, pots, (I could go on and on) are so different. And last, the taste... oh my...the taste...I'm speechless!
 Lunch was yummy...we both had the E. T. Special
(enchilada and taco) and our own "romantic" seranade.

 Old town San Diego pays tribute to the cultural influences. the Native Americans, Spanish, Mexicans, and Americans, that make California special.

 We loved the Copper Shop...all handmade copper items. Some of the pieces were hand painted...oh so pretty...but , the shiny copper pots and utensils really caught my eye. I settled on a small warming , hammered copper pot with a wooded handle.

The courtyard ...
...the fountain...

...funny weather vane...
...beautiful pots and plants...

...lots of lanterns and lights..I'm sure its pretty at night... terrible...names carved in cacti...

Part 2...back to Old Town for Valentine's Day. We drove the car today and were so pleased that parking is really not a problem this time of year. The history of Old Town San Diego comes to life through its museums, period demonstrations, and entertainment. Today the blacksmith shop was open. Pat Downing works at the shop. He was very informative and loved sharing all about what he does and how he does it. We probablly took up way to much of his time!

...some items made by Pat..

Women and children make small chains back in the 1830...

...this chain was heavy...

...the bellows...



Next stop...a we met Flavio Garcia. He creates silver jewelry...4th generation! I cant believe I didn't get a picture of the rings, bracelets, and pendants...duh! But there were other things for sell too... Joe and Flavio talked for quite awhile.

Flavion and Joe

Don Quixote...
...the Market...
...outdoor art...
...and more!


Lunch today was at an outdoor cafe...Barra Barra Saloon.

I was not the DD's was strawberry!
A beef enchilad and a grilled salmon soft shell taco with beans and spanish rice.

Dia do los Muertos...Day of the one of Mexico's most revered and festive holidays. It honors and celebrates ancestors and deceased loved ones through music, dance, craft activities and special menus. Wish we could be here in November when the actual celebration takes place.
I do apologize...this post is way too long, but we had such a great time. I hope everone has had a very nice Valentine's Day...we sure did!
Thank you so much for visiting...we love comments so if you want to, leave us one! Until next time, be safe and enjoy! Y'all come back real soon!


  1. The trolly must have been fun & what a great place to visit. Happy Valentines Day!

  2. I love copper pots too. Except when it's time to clean them, but they are the greatest to cook in.

  3. Looks like a fun day...and the weather looks gorgeous! I'm jealous....again. :)

  4. Just loved Old town San Diego, such a great day you had.

  5. How fun was this!! Loved the colors and the tour. It's changed a "wee" bit since the 1970's. A perfect way to spend Valentine's Day.

  6. What a beautiful area! You could never have a post that was too long---loved every picture and word!

  7. We really enjoyed our time in the San Diego area. We stayed at Santee Lakes for a month. Have a great time:)

    I saw those names carved into the cactus. It is amazing what some people will do.

  8. Since you were not the DD, I noticed that your strawberry thingy was almost gone by the time salmon arrived! :)

  9. We are newbies to your blog and really enjoyed it. My husbands name is Joe also. I had never been to San Diego so everything I saw was wonderful and looking forward to going back again one day.
    Betty from Milwaukie, Oregon

  10. Old Town looks like a wonderful place ti spend a day or two.

  11. San Diego looks like fun and the weather looks wonderful. We didn't make it down to San Diego I wish we haf