Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Brunch

We met Cooper at the doggie park. Ron and Carol belong to Cooper. After seeing and visiting with them for several days while out and about in the park, we decided to get together for a glass of wine on Saturday night. They are from Manteca, CA.  We made plans to go for Sunday Brunch at Croce's Restaurant and Jazz Bar.
802 5th Ave., San Diego

Croce's Jazz Bar has live music every night of the week and on Sat. and Sun. mornings for brunch. The dining room, flanked by a cozy jazz bar, is Ingrid's vision of creating a space to celebrate her late husband, singer-song writer Jim Croce. Jim's music memorabillia, photos, and platinum records line the walls. It is located in the gaslamp district.
The black frames are hand written lyrics to some great songs like "Time in a Bottle", "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown", and "I'll Have to Say I love You in a Song". 

I took this picture from upstairs.

We had a window seat and a great server...Derek.
Our entertainment...
...and crab cake eggs benedict.

After brunch, Ron took us to Coronado Island.

The bridge over the bay...


Colorful beach homes and gardens...
...and beautiful beaches!

We had such a good time with Ron and Carol today. One of the great things about RVing is meeting people from all over and making new friends. I am sad to say, I didn't have a picture of Cooper to post. He is so cute...will have to post a picture next time.  It is thanks to Cooper and our pups that we met  Ron and Carol.

Thank you for stopping by...we love your visits and comments. I hope everyone has a great week. Until next safe and enjoy! Y'all come back soon!


  1. Love your obvious affection for dogs. I am a new follower and am anxious to learn more about your San Diego adventures as we are considering spending winter there next year. Croce's Jazz Bar looks like a place we would really enjoy.

    1. Thanks for joining. This is our first trip here and we just love it!

  2. Another wonderful day with new friends. Don't you just love this life?

  3. The sail boats were so pretty all lined up. The Bar and food look really good.

  4. That breakfast looked amazing. Guess you're glad to get your full size rig back now. And so are the furkids too !!!!!

  5. Thank you for writing about Croce's. It didn't dawn on me until you said Jim Croce that it was named after the singer. Duh! Looks like a place we'd like to go whenever we make it to San Diego.

    How wonderful to meet such fun people you can share the adventure with.

    Take care.

  6. What a great place to visit. Going on my Bucket list.

  7. Love San Diego we enjoyed some there a couple years ago.