Friday, February 8, 2013

A Very Nice Week!

They don't grow like this in Georgia! The geraniums are blooming by the doggie park.
Some of them are 4 feet tall !

...these were covered in dew.

There are lots of ground covering plants...

This is Cooper...he is awesome! He belongs to Carol and Ron.


 We had a wonderful visit with them on Tuesday evening and one last play with Cooper before they pulled out on Wed. morning headed to Yuma.

The weather was really nice last Monday so we took a ride to El Cajon HD via "no major highways". I love riding the Harley, but not so much on freeways.

I love riding on Harbor Drive. There is so much to see. The people, the buildings, and different ways to travel about the city....the view is so clear from the back of the Harley.

I have never seen palms so tall and skinny!

Well, here it is Friday evening...its pouring down rain and will be a wee bit cooler tomorrow and Sunday.  Can't believe how fast the days roll on by. We have had a nice week...hope you have too. Thank you for visiting with us.  Until next safe, enjoy and remember...Y'all come back soon!


  1. I sure wish we had flowers blooming like that..then Spring would be here. It is getting closer but March can be a real bear sometimes. Our little black dachshund is called Cooper too.
    I'll bet you like the rain much more than what they are getting out East...ya me too!!! Have a good weekend.

    1. We have a wire-haired mini named Jack. He loves to play ball ! Oh yes, the snow is pretty to look at in pictures and in my younger days I didn't mind it so much, but now, I'll take warm!

  2. Where you off to next??? I think we've decided on Texas for our winter destination this winter.
    Take care out there.

    1. We will be here until March 8th...then it's off to Vegas!

  3. Just enjoying all the sights and sounds is awesome. Keep having too much fun and its much better than up north.

  4. I've just been looking back through your blogs and profile. Both of us are retired educators. My husband was a middle school principal and I taught third grade. We, too, had a Harley. Notice I said had. We had the motorcycle for about eight yrs. before full timing. We, then, trailered it with car on a random trailer. We decided this past fall that we weren't using it enough for all the hastle. So we sold the bike and trailer and moved to a new adventure and purchased a Jeep. It was perfect timing because we were headed for Sedona and later Anza Borrego State Park which are made for Jeeps. We loved our years for motorcycling. We kept out gear because we may want to rent one again some day. We use to fly west every summer and rent a Harley and do a week tour. We chose a different city each year. Some of our best trips.

    I saw your trip to St. Andrews, NB. Isn't that just the neatest little town. I loved sitting in the front and watching the huge tide changes.

    Are you from GA? Our son lives in Atlanta.

    Enough for now! Love the flower photos!

    1. I am a retired teacher as well. Taught Kindergarten and 1st grade for 34 years. Yes, we loved St. Andrews...just beautiful! We are from GA...a small town about 70 miles south of Atlanta just off I-85 ....LaGrange.

      Thanks for reading our blog and commenting! I have been enjoying Oh, The Places They Go! and your quest for the crested saguaro. I have only seen 1....what a treat!

  5. How beautiful! It was 32 this morning at the lake. I enjoy your posts so much!!