Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hello Montana!

Polson, MT
July 1-2, 2013

 To us, there is something really special about July!  Having been a teacher for 34 years, July was the best month ever. For me, June was always spent catching up on all the things around our home that didn't get done during the previous school year. But July, was time to play! 

 Playing usually included a family vacation. Now that we enjoy a full-time RV lifestyle, everyday seems like a vacation! But July, still calls for something a little special.  So, here we are for the first time ever in a Motorcoach Resort in Polson, MT.

Actually, this is two parks in one! If you look at the above picture of the office really close, you will see a KOA logo. That's because Paul, the owner of both parks, decided people might want to own a nice RV site here and stay awhile!
 Monday was spent getting things all set up, checking out the resort's off leash doggie park, finding the grocery store, and oh yes, stopping by the car wash...Pearl was dirty!

Our puppies were quite happy to find a nice fenced in space with thick, green grass.


 While we were driving here yesterday, we had a serious discussion...we have Pearl (our Jeep), but have never named our MH. If you follow Steve and Mona Lisa  (The Lowe's RV adventures) then you know all about Betsy. Great blog! And if you follow Bayfield Bunch, you know all about Winnie The Bago. Great blog too!

Well, its not easy coming up with a name...Pearl was easy because her color is true blue pearl...but a bus? Finally, after many suggestions and many laughs...we decided... Belle it is!
Belle...a French word meaning beautiful and... being from Georgia, a Southern Belle implies Southern hospitality.

The deck, pictured above, has a nice view of  Flathead Lake. It's the gathering place for pancakes, movies, etc.

The landscaping is immaculate here.

Tuesday was puppy play day! And look where we found to play... off leash park on Flathead River. The park provides a grassy area and a stretch for water play on the banks of the river.

The dock is complete with steps if you or your pup wants to jump in for a swim. There is a rock path that leads to the water also.  A romp in the grass might be in order!

We all had a fun time! And when we got home, we had four very tired pups!

 Happy Fourth of July!

Y'all come back!



  1. What a nice site! We love when the pad is paved and big enough to sit out on it. Doesn't look too busy for the holiday.

    Certainly looks like a great dog day...their own river walk!

    I'm glad you were smart enough to get your cleaning done in June. I used June and July to recover, then it was August and time to get ready for another school year. My house would sometimes be the last thing I did.

    Enjoy your time in Montana. There should be some good hiking.

  2. Wow! What a nice place you pulled into. It looks like you'll have it all!

  3. Tired puppies are happy puppies. Belle is a great name for a southern lady. Have a wonderful 4th. Flathead Lake is so gorgeous.

  4. Sounds like a peaceful, fun ay. We tried to name our rig, but nothing stuck. We just all it the Alfa. but then, we called our cat "Cat" even though he had an official name. Craig sometimes call me Wife!

  5. Hmm we not good at names have tried but are stuck with , "the coach" and the "car", beside I have a hard time remembering names, always did.

  6. Oh my goodness! I am so excited, we are heading to Poulson Saturday, just for an overnight stay. Will you still be there? Georgia would love to see her puppy friends & of course you two also:). Funny thing about naming a RV we still haven't agreed on a name for ours. Our first one was "the gray ghost". Second one was a Thor Daybreak never got around to naming it. Now we have had the Tiffin since November and still haven't agreed on a name

  7. I always like a park that has a good doggie area...with GRASS. Gotta take care of the fur kids!! Enjoyed all the pictures of the dogs having a good time. Great name for your RV! We had fun naming ours too.

  8. Sounds like you've found a perfect place ! Or at least the "kids" must think so. Belle is a great name..... our grand boys named ours the Raven but we're not ready to paint the name on the side....
    We tend to call things what they are....Jeep, Ford and Coach..... and kitty for every cat we owned. Because , have you ever had a cat that answered to a name. I hope it's cool up there in the north country..... can't wait til we head to the Colorado mountains altho Moab looks good the 2nd time around.

  9. Well, Betsy says hello to Belle! How cute Southern Belle, and very fitting for a southern gal like you. Hope Betsy gets to meet Belle !
    Montana! yes, we will be there too so looking forward to your adventures. Hope the weather there is cool :)
    Thanks for the shout out, Betsy is getting her daily showers here in PA.