Thursday, July 18, 2013

The morning after...

Polson, MT
July 17,2013

The morning after a trail ride is always a clean-up Pearl day. So after our walk, coffee, and a little computer time, we were off to the...

I am not a big fan of washing any vehicle although I have done my fair share in summers past when I wasn't working...a job that is (nice thing about teaching). I have even been known to wax a few!

These days however, since we do the washing mostly at a car wash, I always manage to take along my camera. A walk about town looking for photo opps is a lot more fun!

 This morning the sound of chimes was an invitation to stroll the alley behind the car off I went!

The lady hanging out the clothes in the picture below brought back lots of memories of small town living from my much younger days. It was a morning ritual on those warm summer days to line dry the laundry. We knew everyone on our street and as youngsters, we were all within hollering distance. Moms knew the kids, kids knew the moms and it was often  more times than not, a fresh glass of lemonade was offered.

My job was to hold the clothespin bag for my grandma until I got tall enough to do the hanging...

There was an old car parked along the alley...the spider web caught my eye. The sun caught it just right! I don't believe that car has been moved in aloooong time!

The United States acquired vast lands, including present-day Montana, through the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.
Thank goodness for that...Montana sure is pretty!

Roses have never been my favorite flower, but they sure do smell good. The climate here must be perfect for growing them because you see them everywhere.

 The aggregate fruit of the rose is a berry like-structure called a rose hip. The "seeds" are embedded in the hip in fine but stiff hairs. In some species of roses, the hip is very rich in vitamin C and are eaten by fruit-eating birds such as thrushes and finches.

That was pretty much our morning... and what a great one it was!

 We continue to enjoy our aerial show from time to time. I ran in to get the camera when this bi-plane took off...he has been know to do a trick or two...not today.

 And this amphibian aircraft was spotted the other day. It also lands in Flathead Lake from time to time so we are told.

I had to post this billboard sign we have passed several times...for all my puppy loving friends.

Have a great rest of the week...

Until next time...
P.S. The annual Flathead Cherry Festival is this week-end on Main Street in're invited!




  1. Love the memories of the good old summertime, great days back then.
    Enjoy you time there.

  2. When we lived in Lakeside, picking our own cherries was one of the high lights of our summers. Looks like they are doing some harvesting down around your part of the lake. Another week for a little further north. Lots of wonderful memories in this post.

  3. I've never been to a cherry festival, so I'll go along with you. :)

  4. I agree Montana is a beautiful state. Thanks for sharing some beautiful photos. Enjoy the Cherry Festival. Sounds like fun!

  5. Your photos have great compositions...
    Box Canyon Mark

  6. It's amazing what we can find to photograph when we just open our eyes. Great photos!

  7. You made a rather ordinary day intersting, great post.