Sunday, July 7, 2013

Welcome to Polson! Would You Like To:

Polson, MT
July 5, 2012

A week has come and gone. We have had a very  quiet time here. The weather has been perfect...nice breezy days in the mid 80s with no humidity and wonderful cool nights! One afternoon it actually rained for a couple of hours. Haven't heard that in a long time.

Chamber of Commerce

As you can see, the sign has good ideas, but the 2 things we would like to do are not there...hiking and jeeping. We are still looking for information on places to go that are close by.

We haven't been sitting around twiddling our thumbs though. Our pups (and the two legged folks that live in Belle) have had several nice playtimes at the river. Especially Dover...she loves the water.
Joe and I have been early morning walkers at different stages in our lives. It's not hiking, but it does give us a good cardiac workout.
There is a beautiful country road here and we have managed a couple of two and four mile walks.
There are enough inclines to get the old heart pumping and we do feel so much better when we do it. I do think the scenery is pretty,  there is very little traffic, and the deer are fun to watch.
Flathead Lake
 We have driven to Kalispell, MT a couple of times. They have a Murdoch's Ranch and Home Supply there. It's the only store in the area that sells Blue Buffalo Wilderness dog food. We purchased 4 huge bags full!
 The drive to Kalispell from Polson is about 51 miles along the west shore of Flathead Lake along US 93. It is a beautiful ride! The lake on one side and rolling farmland and meadows on the otherside
As you drive along, you pass through several small communities...Elmo, Rollins,Lakeview, and Somers.
There are also a couple of state parks on this side of the lake we want to explore.

We did have a visitor Saturday...Val and her chocolate lab Georgia were here for the night on their way to West Yellowstone. We met them at Lazydays in Tucson last April. It was great to see them again!

Isn't it just so great how we can "run into folks we have met before? And what a great way our blogs help us stay in touch?

Well, it's about time to start supper. Joe just bought a new Weber Q 120 grill. Yes, George, you read that right! Tonight it's chicken, veggies, and pasta salad.

Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.

Calla Lily

Cone Flower
 Happy trails...
 and God Bless!

Y'all come back!


  1. Wow a Q 120, one up from ours, but with a bit of practice and being patient I and su5e you will love it , really and amazing grill. Love doing chicken on our Weber, our favourite meal.

  2. Gay, friends of ours (Dave and Sue) are staying in the same park as you. Sue wrote a comment on our blog for you. She invited you to stop by if you are out walking around. They are in site 159. You may have seen them walking Lewis, a giant poodle, and Sasha, a black Lab. They have a Discovery MH and a grey Jeep. They are super people.

    Polson looks like a wonderful area. Glad you are enjoying the beautiful lake and views.

  3. We've been using our Weber just about every night for dinner too. If it goes out, it's the first thing we buy when the stores open up the following morning!

  4. Beautiful! Look forward to seeing more of your trip to Montana. Can't wait to visit!

  5. Looks like a beautiful area ... I'll have to add that to my list.

  6. Nice area with beautiful photos.camping food for dogs

  7. What a gorgeous area! We stayed at Big Arm State Park on Flathead Lake last year. Loved it and would definitely recommend a stay there (get a waterfront site) if you can. Enjoy Montana!

  8. Great views of all looks so familiar to us from our trips to Glacier. Love those majestic mountains. Glad the CG is working out so well but sorry that you can't get out in the back country for hikes and to try out the new Jeep additions.

  9. Beautiful photos - looks like a "slice of heaven!" I love to see dogs have fun and play in the water. My Cali did that when she was younger, but now at eleven - not so much...

    I'm almost ready to "hit the road!" :-)

  10. My favorite hike in that area (years ago) was on the North Jocko River to Lost Sheep Lake. You are in bear country so you need to take precautions. We used to carry whistles and limited amounts of food.

  11. Was that Lavender fields ? Those are beautiful hill or mountains. The Calla lily and Cone flower were lovely. Montana is beckoning us as well.
    Good for you having cool days and nights. Humidity here is really bad that we take two showers a day. And when we hike the gnats and mosquitoes are relentless!