Tuesday, July 30, 2013

When in Polson, do like the Polsons do...

 Polson, MT
July 29, 2013

When in Polson, do like the Polsons do...enjoy the lake!

And enjoy the lake - we did. Joe and Ron rented  a boat for a 4 hour trip on the lake. Below is Isabelle...their boat of choice!

This is what you do before you go...a quick orientation.

Ronnie did an awesome job navigating while the rest of us totally had a "chill-axing" time.

 Flathead Lake lies in the shadows of Glacier NP and Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort to the north. 

 There is approximately 161 miles of beautiful shoreline to enjoy...

...crystal clear water, that surprisingly was not freezing cold, to enjoy...

 ...and a dozen or so islands to make the trip interesting to weave in and out of.

 Cooper wasn't sure if he was having a good time at first.

But Dover has always loved the wind in her face!

We chose Monday hoping there would be fewer boaters out and that turned out to be a great choice.

 Just a few ducks and an occasional boat passed us by.

The weather was perfect. The water was not choppy.

Speaking of weather, the Flathead Valley has a remarkably mild climate.

The thermal effect of the lake and the shelter of the Mission mountains and Salish range create a milder climate here than in most of Montana.

Joe and Dover

We had sandwiches, chips and yummy blueberry crisp  bars that Carol made with blueberries she had picked! What a nice treat!

Then some of us enjoyed a siesta as were just floated and floated in the peaceful waters!

It was soon time...too soon for me...to head back to the marina.  

 Our Monday was totally awesome...great friends and a great time!
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  1. The water looks so inviting. Viewing the scenery from the lake makes for a nice change.

  2. Another awesome day you had, and on the water too, thanks for taking us along.

  3. Looks like a wonderful day. With a little sunshine and a day on the water, not much can be better.

  4. That's a BIG LAKE!!! I'll bet the water gets cold a few feet down :)
    Box Canyon Mark

  5. We lived in Lakeside and since we had our own boat we spent a lot of time out there. Did you see the mansion that's for sale for some thing like $78 million on it's own private island in the lake? Kalispell is so perfect in the summer but the winters are tough. The clouds get stuck between those mountain ranges and you can go for weeks without ever really seeing the sun. That was the worse thing (well, besides tourists) about living there.

  6. Looks like my kind of day. I always feel a bit sad when I see posts about Flathead as my first husband and I owned a lot on the lake where we planned to someday build a retirement cabin. It wasn't to be but I would still like to spend some extended time there.

  7. What a fantastic day! Looks like so much fun on that beautiful lake. How neat that the dogs got to go along. I love seeing the dogs in their life jackets. We see a lot of that here on river. You certainly will have fond memories of this area:)