Saturday, December 28, 2013

It's Raining Acorns!

Live Oak Landing
Freeport, FL
December 26, 2013

The huge live oaks here sure add a certain charm to our surroundings. They tower 50-60 feet high. Live Oaks begin to produce acorns at about 20 years, but 50 years old is not unusual for a first crop. 

Acorns are the top food preference for some birds like jays and for some mammals like squirrels and whitetail deer. 

We have all become accustomed to the sound of raining acorns. Even Wrecks doesn't hide when he hears them. First a POP...followed by a lopsided roll.

I also read that a 100 year old Oak produces around 2,200 acorns a year. How do they know that?  And only 1 acorn in 10,000 will grow to be an Oak Tree.

With so many birds, the squirrels have resorted to hickory nuts.

Now that's a mouth full!

These little sparrows have been flittering all over the ground. At first glance they look like leaves blowing.

Well, today, the rains came. We didn't get out at all except to go to breakfast.

We enjoyed a different nut...a in The Donut Hole Bakery Café on Hwy 98. Our good friend David invited us to join him. We love to eat breakfast out, so he heard a very enthusiastic YES! David and Joe waited patiently while I was busy taking pictures of the goodies...donuts, muffins, cakes and pies. 


I should have taken my wide angle lens to get all the donuts...this is just a very small sample. It was well worth the few minutes we had to wait to be seated...yummy omelet, cheese grits, pancakes and biscuits. Thank you so much David. What a nice treat for us and fun to spend time with you!

The afternoon was spent napping while the aroma of creamy white chili simmering in the crockpot filled our home. And yes, a maple donut for dessert (thanks David!).

We hope you have had a wonderful week. It sure flew by here.
Until next time, take care...

and enjoy the your view!


  1. Oh my....those deserts look amazing. I'm on a real sweets kick right now. I always am around the holidays. I guess I have a New Years Resolution LOL. Enjoy that lovely weather!

  2. The reference to creamy white chile piqued my interest. Could you tell us more about that, or maybe a recipe?

  3. When I lived in Pine Bluff Arkansas at the city RV park for six years, it rained Pecans for a couple of months each year. Birds and squirrels, let alone the wind and rain. What I hated was that people who did not belong in the RV section of the park would come around and pick up the Pecans...but luckily, I never had anything taken from my site, nor heard of others losing things either. But it is discomforting having strangers come walking through what you consider "YOUR" RV spot.

  4. I like the birds and squirrels.... the acorns on your roof reminded me of our last time in Costa Rica... the parrots would drop nuts on our roof every morning... starting around 5:30 am. Bill would LOVE that bakery... he's the one with a sweet tooth.

  5. Nice to enjoy the birds and squirrels. Nothing like a nice filling breakfast to start your day.
    And a donut to finish the day.

  6. Good that the dogs got use to the acorn rain! I didn't realize the trees had to be so old to produce acorns. That explains why the tree at the back of our site only rains leaves...must be a young one.

    The photo of the dogs is great:) Very content foursome.

  7. When we were back in New York and Pennsylvania we (meaning the girls) never did get used to the acorns. They would go nuts all night and all day. Hated it. Was so glad when we finally moved on. Wish I could find a bakery with really good donuts around here but haven't yet. I'm still looking which means eating.

  8. Love those boots.!! Our house of 34 yrs had no attic, just open beams and we were surrounded by the giant oaks. I loved the sound of falling acorns and then the roll before they hit the deck with another sound. And raindrops were like sleeping in a tent, or RV.....I miss all those sounds. Thx for the reminder.

  9. Gay, love your "pack". They are all adorable sleeping on the sofa! Great post and photos of the Live Oaks and the animals that enjoy them! We love to eat breakfast out and it is always fun to find a good place; it looks like ya'll did indeed!

  10. You and I can hang out in the bakery! Love breads and other baked goods.
    Those acorns do give you a jolt sometime that Steve and I would yell " Knock it off!"
    I love birds and your captures are pretty darn good, especially the woodpecker with the acorn on its beak.