Friday, December 20, 2013

We Got POP!

Live Oak Landing
Freeport, FL
December, 15, 2013

That's right...we got pop! A burst of wonderful, much needed, rich color.

We spent endless hours discussing how, when, and with what to brighten up Belle. We love color and there is just not a lot of ways to get a pop of it in a MH.

Check this out...

 We recovered 5 cornice boards. It took all week-end, but we didn't mind. It rained all day Saturday and Sunday was windy and cold.


We took our time stripping the old material off paying close attention to how it was attached. Bought ourselves a staple gun and some Patriot Cherry upholstery material and had a grand time.

We love our new look! It was like so many of the projects we have tackled in the past, that by the time we figure out how to do something well enough to be reasonably efficient we are through.
Also this week, Joe replaced the "under the MH" fencing to keep Jack safe. We had an ugly white metal garden edging that didn't collapse easily. We found a black plastic edging that looks so much better and folds into a nice, small stack.

Now our patio looks nice and we don't worry about Jack getting out.

Have you ever had a drawer come flying open as you were driving down the road?

 Joe had to install a new drawer pull. (Ummm... I will do a much better job of checking them before we head out!) 

Wrecks found it necessary to sit close by on the sofa and  supervise his work.

That's Dover getting her nails done...we did nails this week too...all 72 of them! AND Sally got another hair cut. Yep, we let it get waaaay to long. 
This was her second cut in the last 2 weeks. She is one happy pup now...and oh how she sashays around the park! 
Yesterday, Millie and Barry came right on over to LOL in the pontoon boat to pick us up for a ride and picnic. The sky was blue, the sun was warm, and we had a nice relaxing time. Its always lots of laughs and a great time with Barry and Millie!


The water level in the Mitchell River was down about 2 feet.


The sky was blue, so clear.

And it cast a nice reflection on the water which is really black. 

The water was as smooth as glass.

 As we were tootling along, I just happened to spot a huge hive. Isn't nature amazing?  It was camouflaged. I'm guessing it is a hornets nest built with chewed up tree bark.

Let the sun shine through!

Joe and I agree a ham sandwich never tasted so good as it does when you are taking a leisurely ride down the river.

This morning we had a walk on the beach. Not very many folks or birds out today.

I really wanted to go exploring around this coastal dune lake. We figured out pretty quick that to get to the lake you have to pay the day fee at Grayton State Park. 

This is the small section where the lake and ocean exchange water.

The lake water is "tea color". It sure makes for a nice photo where the two waters meet.

It's been a really good week here at Live Oak Landing.

 Oh, I almost forgot...I got a really good haircut last Wednesday. Found C'est la Vie Salon in Destin on the internet. Great shampoo and cut and at a reasonable price. Ask for Allen if you are in the area and need help. How do you find salons in your travels?
 Well, until next time...
take care and
enjoy your view!


  1. We redid all our valances but with fish material. The staple gun was the best way to do it. I love your red. It really does make a huge difference.

  2. You're right, it sure adds pop, looks nice. Like the dog fence, and the grooming job. Bubba needs his nails done real bad, but that is going to have to wait until we get to Florida....I have cut his before but he is such a baby about it, just can't stand it because he acts like he is dying over a little nail cut. Vet in Florida does a good job with him. --Dave (

  3. I would like to add some 'POP' also and I have looked at our valances but can't figure out how they are attached to wall. How were yours attached??

  4. I like your POP of color. The red will certainly make you smile.

  5. Love, love, love the new header pic. The colors are awesome. Nice job on the valances. They look nice & definitely do give pop to your MH. got a kick out of Dover supervising Joe on the drawer job. Tucker does the same with Don all the time. Beautiful beach photos too.

  6. Nice looking renovations of you MH, and some more wonderful pictures.

  7. Love the red! We just recovered our window valances too. A great way to add a little change to the RV.

  8. Darn fat fingers! Let me try commenting again.

    Valances look great. Go well with your already beautiful decor.

    Used to love getting my hair done. I hate it now. Been thinking of getting a wig!

    Merry Christmas!

  9. Boy have you two been busy! Great work! Love the new pop of color. Red brightens everything.

    Nice boat ride! Such calm water.

    Your photos are so pretty.

    We have discovered that getting our hair cut at Super Cuts has been most successful. We learned that in order to be a stylist at Super Cuts you must go through their training. So the stylist are much better. I am extremely fussy and even I have been happy. And...they are in every city.

    Hope you and Joe have a wonderful Christmas!

  10. About the only reason I ever go into a Walmart is to get a $13 haircut. ;)

  11. Excellent choice on your new valances; a beautiful and happy color! I love color also. Your photos are beautiful and yes nature always provides outstanding subjects.

    The two items I don't like about traveling are one - finding and getting a good haircut and two - going to the laundry mat when I can't wash in my coach, because not connected to sewer. I guess I really don't have anything to complain about! Glad you got a nice cut!

    Merry Christmas and Wishing you and yours a healthy, safe and joyful New Year!

  12. The inside of your rig is gorgeous, I love the colors, and the pictures on the wall, the whole thing! Very homey and cozy looking.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  13. Love that expression on Dover's face - little tongue sticking out. The pedicure may not be her favorite thing, but she is enduring!

  14. Just catching up......redecorating brings a nice it the RV, the house or new clothes .... or new haircut on the dog. You seem to capture the beauty of the area whereever you are. Great pics. Merry Christmas to the Tan Clan....

  15. I would like to see the beautiful and colorful inside Belle. Hmmm wonder when that would be.-MonaLiza

  16. Love the new color. I decorate my little motorhome in red too. It just seems to brighten things up! Great photos, as always! Your dogs are just too cute.