Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just Down Right Sinful!

Live Oak Landing
Freeport, FL
December 12, 2013

 We had a special lunch date today. We met David last year when we were here. He is an avid walker and on our morning walks, we often passed each other. He has a home and a dock right on the bay down the street from LOL. We hope to enjoy a sunset on his dock real soon! Anyway, David loves pups! We often walk with our thanks to the Tan Clan, we got to know each other and were looking forward to seeing him again. We greet him every morning when he walks by, made plans for lunch and today was the day!

Would you agree that the locals usually know the really good places to eat? Well, for Italian, La Famiglia was highly recommended. It's in Destin...about 28 miles from LOL.

The original restaurant (on Hwy 98 at 300 Harbor Blvd) ) opened 4 years has become so popular that a second location opened last year just down the street. We chose the original spot. I could have easily filled up on the warm home-made bread and dipping oil, but didn't stop there. The eggplant parmesan was scrumptious and I ate every bite. We usually skip desert but had been told about the tarimasu! Tarimasu is a real treat and this was the best ever...just down right sinful!
Well, what do you do after you have totally stuffed on a delicious lunch? David, Joe and I decided a walk at the harbor marina would be nice. Walking in the warm sunshine sure felt good and although, I don't think I walked off any calories, it was lots of fun!

David and I were waiting for Joe.

This Great Blue Heron didn't mind I was in his space at all...I just kept snapping away!

These magnificent birds can grow up to 4 feet tall. I am barely 5 feet tall, so to me that's a BIG bird! Its wing span is nearly 6 feet as an adult.

I did ask Joe if we could have one of these for when we don't want to travel on land anymore...he just laughed!

The barnacles on the dock posts were pretty neat...the barnacle larva swim along in the ocean until they are ready to "stick" around. Then they secrete a glue-like substance and attach head first. 

The Pelicans were sure enjoying the day! They obviously like the marina too.

Pelicans are fascinating. Although they are among the heaviest of flying birds, they are relatively light for their apparent bulk because of air pockets in the skeleton and beneath the skin.

Humm...if I wait long enough, maybe a fish will just plop right in!

I sure enjoyed my photo shoot with them today.

We sure had a wonderful day. No supper for us tonight.

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and enjoy your view!



  1. You certainly have some great photos. Love the sinful dessert too! We often outdo ourselves at lunch and end up skipping dinner. We should probably skip dinner more often though.

  2. Oh it looks so warm! We should be in Florida in just over a month, honestly can't wait for that warm winter weather! Sure looks like you all are having a good time. --Dave (

  3. The locals definitely know where to go to eat. That dessert looked wonderful. Lots of great sunshine. Love it.

  4. Locals will definitely know the good place to eat. You have lovely photos...

  5. Your last two posts have had the best have a great eye !! How fun to meet with the locals.

  6. A good lunch at a local place then walking around in the afternoon for some exercise and taking some great pictures. Sounds like perfect day to me.

  7. Sounds wonderful! Don't you just love photographing pelicans? They have such expressive faces.

  8. Beautiul pictures! Florida sure looks wonderful through your lens. Hope the weather is comfortable when we arrive. Steve and I have really gotten used to no humidity!

  9. Your lunch sounded yummy!!

    The pelican shots were wonderful. I loved the one with its mouth wide open. Great photos:)

  10. You are making my mouth water; my kind of food for sure. LOVE the birds shots, so much fun to spent a day on the dock snapping waterfowl images!!

  11. We heard good reviews about La Famiglia in Destin. We often make lunch our main meal of the day and walking it off--or trying--is a perfect way to justify that sinful dessert.

    Love the bird photos.