Friday, March 6, 2015

Catalina State Park

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
March 5, 2015

 The past two weeks have been very busy, and we sure checked some things off the list. First and most important, Joe has had several tests/doctor visits and I am so excited to report that he is all clear and good to go until July. This is the second PET since December that shows no cancer...just two more to go this year in July and November. I'm not sure how often after that he will have to have them. We hope its yearly. 
 Another thing I am happy to have checked off the list is taxes...that's right...all done! And we even found time to complete our 2015-16 budget and have a 10 year forecast. Whew! The only thing left is Belle. We have a DIY project in mind, she needs her service and we hope a boo-boo (from Colorado Springs last summer) can be fixed. We are optimistic she will be good as new and we will be on the road by mid April. 

Yesterday was a much needed fun day so it was off to Catalina State Park for a small hike. 

Thanks Sheila of for reminding me of this wonderful state park. It felt so good to be outside enjoying the sunshine, bright blue sky and the colorful desert.  What a surprise to see water in the first wash...

How fun it was to step over...ummm in the water!

And I wasn't the only one having fun!

Catalina State Park is 5,500 acres of foothills, canyons and streams...a haven for plants and wildlife...with miles and miles of hiking, biking and equestrian trails.

The breeze blowing thru green grass is definitely not what I think about when I think of the desert...

...or droplets of water along the trail...

...or wonderful shade trees just beginning to wake up after a winter's sleep.

As always, I am constantly looking for the birds...we didn't see that many, but enjoyed their songs!

We learned that this is a bosque...Spanish for forest.

With only a little elevation, the landscape changes...

"Shall we dance?"

Until next time...
...happy trails!


  1. Fantastic news about Joe...Ken and I are very happy to hear that.

  2. Gay, I am so glad to hear that Joe's cancer free! The relief and joy on receiving such news must be so uplifting. I am also extremely happy that you got to visit one of our favorite state parks; we have spent many, many wonderful camping days there. Wow, your photos of all the blooming flowers are spectacular, so pretty it must be there right now. I am trying to remember how many times we were "stuck" in the park, because the wash was flowing like a river and blocked the road out of the park. What fun it was!!! We need to go back there. Great news on all the chores yawl have completed!

  3. That is great news about Joe:) Another weight lifted off your shoulders.

    Love Catalina! There are some fun hikes there. Aren't the wildflowers gorgeous!!:)

  4. Good to hear about Joe. Lovely place there...enjoy. --Dave (

  5. Great new about Joe, now moving forward!

  6. Being cancer free is great news! We didn't realize you were so close. We're in the foothills close to Desert Museum. However, this is our last day and move along to a rally.

  7. Great news and great pics. An uplifting post all the way around!

  8. Great news and glad Joe is moving forward and cancer free.
    Your captures Gay brought me back to some wonderful time at the Catalina SP. We just enjoyed it so much there as it was snowed that year and the mountains looked beautiful. Have you check Biosphere yet? or the Titan Museum. Just ignore me if you had been there :)

  9. So Thankful for Joe's wonderful news and will pray for two more positive reports this year! Beautiful scenery and pictures!