Monday, March 23, 2015

Ventana Canyon Trail

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
March 20, 2015

In our opinion, there is no better way to celebrate the first day of spring than a hike in the desert. But yikes (or is a gift to you after my last very lengthy post?) I forgot my camera! There is definitely a first time for everything. There was, however, a bit of relief felt as I climbed up and over, then over and down boulder after boulder (and I don't mean small ones either) that I didn't have the camera. What a disaster if I had slipped. Our hike of choice was Ventana Canyon. It is a 4.8 mile in and out trail thru a canyon and across a ridge with the destination being the Maiden Pools. If you have never done this trail, it is a dang good work-out! The elevation climb is 1290 feet...all in the last 1/4 mile of the up trail. Walking in the canyon had many stream crossings and a few times we struggled to find the trail as the streambed was all boulders and little water. The ridge part of the trail was by far our favorite...what a nice breeze and oh my, the views were nothing short of spectacular! We both were disappointed in the Maiden Pools/Waterfall. Even though we had lots of rain two days before, there was hardly any water there. The morning after this hike we were left with the wonderful feeling of sore muscles and my huge disappointment in myself for having been cameraless...I think I just made that word up!

Going up the trail...stepping up and over the boulders was fun. It was estimated a 1.5 hour ascent which we did in 1 hour 40 minutes...a big improvement in leg power for us and hugs and kisses for my wonderful hubby who never gives up! BUT, coming down was a different story for me. Going over and down huge boulders with really short legs isn't quite as derriere played an important role in us returning safely to Pearl! So therefore, the 1.5 hours down turned into about 2.5 hours for us! But hey, we did it and that is all that matters to me as I write this. 

     I did manage a few pictures with my phone...the quality is horrible and I should be embarrassed. But I do want our adventures documented so just skip on down to comments from here...Did I mention that I printed our blog for Joe's Christmas present last year? 

Walking along the canyon wall...

A narrow path just as the ascent begins...

A spectacular view of the canyon we just walked thru with Tucson in the background...

As always we never saw any Bighorn Sheep. We figured maybe someone did about 20 years ago and decided a sign was needed! 

Anyway, I do hope to hike with John and Pam of fame one day as they see them all the time! 

Thanks for stopping's spring, "Hip, hip hooray!" 

Until next time, take care and
happy trails!


  1. Oh man...I hate it when I forget my camera. And cell phones just don't measure up do they? My hubby has a phone that takes fab photos, but there is no zoom.

    Good job on tackling a tough sure brings a wonderful sense of accomplishment when you do one of those tough ones, doesn't it!?

    I think John and Pam are sheep magnets! ;-)

  2. I've done that, forgot my camera that is. Or even worse, brought my camera, then forgot to use it. At any rate, your phone camera sure takes better shots than mine.

  3. I've forgotten my camera a few times but usually have my phone with me. However, the Samsung Note 3 has a terrible camera but I still struggle with getting the perfect shot.

  4. I don't know this hike! I love when someone finds a new hike for a future visit:) You and Joe are doing so well getting back into shape...way to go! That is a lot of elevation gain! I feel coming down steep areas is harder than going up. I so understand the use of the butt slide. Short legs is such a pain! Time doesn't matter as long as you are out there and having fun:) Glad you included photos even if taken with the phone:) We will get together one day to hike:)

  5. Loved the Gila Monster & the hike. We'll put that one on our list next time thru.

  6. Sounds like a fun day.
    Any picture is better than none as long as you can figure what its about.