Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tanque Verde Canyon

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
March 16, 2015

There is nothing like a hike and the great outdoors to elevate your spirits and adjust your attitude for the better. Especially if the hike is in the desert...a desert in all its glory! 

This is our third winter to spend time in Tucson. I fell in love with the desert the first time I laid eyes on it, but never have we seen it so full of color.

Tanque Verde River...looking right towards Tucson
The trail to the Tanque Verde River is .5 mile down to the canyon floor. Loose gravel and boulder steps slowed us down to a cautious turtle pace, but that was OK by me...more photo opps! 

...and looking left towards the falls.
Once in the canyon you can head in either direction and walk as long or as far as you want to. There is no defined trail along the river. We did read that going left is a bit more serious with much scrambling and climbing over boulders. Our legs are not quite there yet!

Rocks and more rocks...I do love a canyon wall and this one was quite showy with its colorful layers, pops of yellow flowers and awesome cacti.


And did I mention a river? Yep, with crystal clear, water

 flowing over boulders!

First sighting of signs that Saguaro Cacti will bloom soon.
A good work-out going up...

Even though this was a short hike, it sure had alot to offer. 

 Yikes...can you believe all that puppy hair on Pearl's seat? What a pain in the derriere. It weaves all in the fibers that the seat is made of and will NOT vacuum off! 

I am pleased to report that I am now a very happy jeeper. We splurged and bought Trek-Armor seat covers made just for Jeeps and they fit like a glove and best of all, I can wipe Dover and Wreck's fur out with my hand!

When we were at Christopher Columbus Park the other day, we heard a boat of the lakes there is designated for Remote Control Boats. Joe has built two of these. There is a club and they have races here. This was a test run to work out some kinks. The gentleman was very nice and spent some time talking with Joe.   

I still haven't figured out how The Tan Clan managed to all be on Belle's dash at the same time...They were anxiously waiting our departure from San Diego. Never a dull moment!
And never a missed opportunity for a nap!
Until next time, take care and...
happy trails!


  1. The desert sure is different than the southeast. It really has grown on me. The colors are so vibrant. I especially like the cactus that are in bloom here at Lk Mead.

    Steve's been thinking of buying seat covers for our jeep. We're not sure what our summer job will have us driving through.

    Stay cool!

    1. Joe did a lot of research before we purchased the Trek Armor seat covers. It took the two of us to put them on...very tight, but when finished they fit so well. You can order from 4-Wheel Parts, but we chose to order directly from Trek Armor. Lots of colors to pick from Joan. We love them!

  2. Your first photo looks just like the trail we did yesterday with our son! Those yellow colors are gorgeous. I haven't seen one bud on a saguaro anywhere:( Glad to see you back on the trail:)

  3. We can sure tell by your pictures that spring flowers are startin to bloom. The dessert can be so beautiful when all of them pop out.

    1. It's raining again to day Jeri....all this rain has sure given the desert a beautiful burst of color!

  4. The flowers sure are amazing in the desert this year! Thanks for taking me there!

    1. And you are very welcome Lisa! The weather has been wonderful too!

  5. Love Tanque Verde Canyon, it's such a beautiful, peaceful place. Have fun.

    1. Thanks for stopping by our blog Cheshire Cats Capers...hope you will visit again!

  6. Spring is in the air and the desert floor looks alive.
    Love that pic of the the Tan Clam, how cute.