Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Broken Arrow and Soldier Pass

Distant Drums RV Resort
Camp Verde, AZ
April, 20, 2015

One of the activities we all wanted to do before Dave and Lynn leave on Saturday were two jeep trails. We did these trails together last year...what a hoot! 

First was Broken Arrow. It is a 3.8 mile trail (round trip) that twists and turns and rattles your bones all the way to Chicken Point. It has several "play areas" on slick rock (Just enough to make my mouth water for Moab.), a couple of scenic stops and one difficult spot called The Steps. 

The first scenic stop is a rock formation called Submarine Rock...

And then there is Chicken Point...this vista can be reached by foot or on two wheels as well.

There is always time to play...slickrock is, by far, my favorite type of trail! 

And Rokhell disappears on The Steps...this spot gives the trail a difficult rating.

Next up was Soldier Pass. It is also a short 2.5 mile trail (round trip) so both are doable in one day. 

It is rated difficult due to several steep ledgy climbs and tight places. 

The trail takes you around The Devil's Kitchen...a huge sink hole formed by water eroding limestone beneath it.  The first recorded history of the collapse event comes from 1880...

 And then in late 1989, a second event occurred enlarging the area by 1/3. The humongous block detached along three walls.

Seven Apache Pools/ Sacred Pools is at the end of the trail. 

The pools are dips in the rock in a small canyon. There is water in the dips all year long. I did read all kinds of animals visit the pools, but all we saw on our visit were frogs. Bicycles are not allowed on this trail, but you can hike.
Both of these trails are very popular with lots of traffic on the week-ends. It's beautiful Red Rock Country and if you don't have a jeep there are all kinds to rent...with a guide or to drive yourself. It's lots of fun! You won't be disappointed!

Well, until next time, happy days and...

 happy trails!

P.S. The birds continue to entertain and EAT!


  1. Gorgeous photos but you go in so many places we would never dare to go.

  2. How fun to read about your ride on trails I have hiked...I can see it and be there too! The red rock and the vistas...

  3. We loved The Broken Arrow! It was the first trail our week old Jeep did two years ago. We were the only ones out at Chicken Point and took a nice hike from there to the Chapel and back. This year we were there over Easter and every Jeep tour was booked solid so we knew going out any of the Jeep roads would be ridiculous with all the traffic. The only one we had almost to ourselves was the road to the Vultee Arch. The tours didn't go out there because you have to hike to the arch and most vehicles couldn't make it. Sounds like you are having great fun.

  4. Another fun day playing on the rocks, great pics!