Monday, April 20, 2015

Red Rock Country!

Distant Drums RV Resort
Camp Verde, AZ
April 19, 2015

We could hardly wait to hit the trails in Red Rock Country. This week-end was spent revisiting some favorite places. Saturday, we were up and out early to jeep the Oak Creek Homestead trail. 

It's rated difficult only because of a short section that is narrow and steep. Most of the trail is like the picture to the left.

 There are remnants of a brick building from years ago which I cant find any information on. 
Rokhell and Pearl parked at the creek with the "homestead" in the background.

 The real draw for me is Oak Creek...

Looking upstream...
and looking downstream.

Its very flat here and access to the water is so easy with lots of big rocks to sit on. We all enjoyed lunch by the creek!
This sweet girl had a mouth full of willow...

Sunday we were up early and out by 9:00 to do another on foot. A favorite hike we did last year was Devil's Bridge. It's not a very long hike, maybe a wee bit over 2 miles if you enjoy the section under the bridge also, but it does have some muscle building steps and a steep climb up. Just what Joe and I needed! We were thrilled to have Richie join us as we followed the path thru nature and natural wonders. 

There is a dirt road leading to the trailhead. 

 It is 1.3 miles from the start of the dirt road to the trail.

The beginning of the trail is wide and easy to follow as it winds its way thru Pinon Pines, Blue Junipers and Manzanita bushes. 
According to Sedona's Top 10 Hikes by Dennis Andres, a Sedona native, this was originally a jeep trail.

The trail eventually narrows...

...with a rocky steep climb up near the end.

There is a plateau like overlook for a water stop and first view of Devil's Bridge...

That's me...
and Richie.

On the bridge...

and under the bridge...

So, until next time, have happy days and...

happy trails!


  1. You guys are looking good out there! What gorgeous country and your photos are beautiful. Keep on smiling, love the shot of hubby, and keep on hiking! Happy Trails!!!

  2. Excellent photos, just love that area, continue to enjoy your hikes.

  3. Oh my! Devil's Bridge is gorgeous. I can imagine the view from up top is pretty impressive too but the photo of the steep rocky climb up brought one word to my mind....SNAKES. One of my greatest fears about visiting the Southwest.

    1. Can you believe we have only seen one snake...a non-poisonous one. We know the rattle snakes are probabally there, but unlike the water moccasins of the south, they are not aggressive. Our biggest dog was bitten by a water moccasin in our backyard in Georgia! And he wouldn't let go! So, given a choice, we will take the rattlers!

  4. We have visited so many fantastic places and Sedona is somewhere near the very top of the list! So beautiful! Loving your posts, they bring me right back there!

  5. Did you see any dippers in Oak Creek?

  6. You sure seem to find gorgeous things to photograph. Love the photos.

  7. I enjoyed the ride and thank you for taking me to Red Rock country again. This may not be the same area but we rode the Pink Jeep when we were Sedona many moons ago and enjoyed.
    Beautiful, Beautiful Gay.

  8. Good to see you enjoying your two outdoor loves...riding the Jeep roads and hiking:) Devil's Bridge is a good workout without the tremendous length. It photographs so beautifully. We have seen the little blue butterflies several times near streams. Do you know why they are there by any chance? Love that smile on Joe's face:)

    1. The little blue butterflies do seem to be in clusters and very active. To get a picture with their wings open is next to impossible! I have no idea why they are in a "group" or what they are doing...

      Joe is making great progress Pam...I am very proud of him!

  9. Happy trails indeed !! I love going along on your adventures, be they jeep or on foot. So anxious to be West and doing our own wandering.
    You need to consider compiling all of these in a book/guide for those who want to follow in your tracks !!

  10. Isn't that place amazing? I made it to Prescott, and even quick trip to Jerome a few weeks ago, but Sedona just wasn't in the cards this time due to a brief illness that Marcia had. Lovely pictures. --Dave

    1. Oh yes it is Dave...hope Marcia is all better!