Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Some Bad News and Really Good News!

Tucson/Lazydays KOA
Tucson, AZ
April 8, 2015

The past week has been a week of bad news and good news. Bad news...we were homeless Thursday, Friday and Monday. Belle had a visit to the spa...Jeff Fischer's RV Maintenance and Repair. Days were spent under an olive tree on our site that provided lots of shade in the pen with the Tan Clan...the tree was full of blossoms so we ended each day with stuffy noses and itchy eyes even though we added allergy meds to the morning regiment of vitamins. Good news, we were able to pick Belle up at the end of each day so we didn't have to pitch a tent. 

Belle looks would never know she had a boo-boo!



and after.
 She also has a new "do" on top...
Sanded and ready...

That's Jeff on top...

Pete did the body work...

and Joe, a happy and satisfied customer.

Home Sweet Home...

Maintenance done...ready to go!
Inside, we are enjoying new window awnings Jeff installed. 
How nice to have them block the suns bright light and warmth at mid-day. Blinds can stay raised so Dover and I can enjoy one of our favorite past-times...gazing out the window. 

Bad news...

Joe had yet ANOTHER MOHs surgery...the third one...for Basil Cell Carcinoma. This one was the worst which needed over 30 stitches. Good news, stitches will come out this Thursday. 

Really good news, I do believe we will be pulling out of Tucson a week early...northward bound! 

It really is unfortunate that our generation grew up without sunscreen! We never leave home without it anymore.

While under the olive tree...

one of us was quite restless

until he decided to roll play the story "The Prince(cess) and the Pea"
Yep, that's four cushions!
But in the end, a lap is always better!

Two of us played "Who can eat the stick the fastest?"

while one of us was a diligent watchdog.

At the end of the three days, we were all thankful for blue skies, fluffy clouds and a nice Arizona breeze.

Ahhh...California dreaming...dinner (Feb.'15) at the Bledsoe's beautiful home on wheels.

Dungeness Crab cooked to perfection  with all the fixings!

Until next time, take care, enjoy...

Sunset at Gates Pass with Jim and Mary Ellen...
...and happy trails!


  1. Gay, so glad Joe is doing okay, and that Belle has been given a facelift and that the Tan Gang still dominates the news and the heart! Love the pics of them! Wishing you safe travels!!!

  2. Love the sunset and loved the crab. My MIL just went through MOHs too for the same thing. It was pretty hard on her. She had 5 surgeries in one day -- a little bit and then a little bit more and so on. She's doing better and I'm sure Joe will soon look as good as new.

    1. Thank you's been a hard year for Joe! Things are finally looking up. His oncologist wants him back in Tucson in July for a PET...our next hurdle. It's going to be hotter than hades! Joe also had to have 5 cuttings to get a clear margin...ouch!

  3. That great that Joe is going to be fine.
    Nice that Belle is all spruced up and you are ready to go.

    1. We are very happy with all the work, especially the paint and body's good to hear from you George. Hope all is going good there!

  4. The older I get the more parts they cut out! Glad your doing better (Joe & Belle) and getting ready to roll. We're in Moab until the 18th if you want to come join us. Gay, love the pics of the pups. (Julie)

    1. We would love to be there, but don't have reservations till May. We will be in Sedona if you are traveling south when you leave Moab.

  5. Belle looks beautiful after a few days at the spa:) Aren't the window awnings a wonderful thing. We were thrilled when we finally had awnings put on. It sure gives you some privacy.

    Yes, I do wish we had know more about sunscreen back in our day. But it is good that most of us keep with those dermatologist visits. That's a lot of stitches but necessary.

    How exciting that you are about to hit the road again:) Enjoy Sedona!!

    1. We LOVE the window awnings Pam!
      We both made our next appointment to see the dermatologist when we return in July...Joe has to go every 3 months.

  6. I had never heard of Moh's surgery until recently and now I know of several people who have had it. Fingers crossed this is Joe's last one!

  7. 30 stitches,..ouch but that is for a good thing. Wishing Joe the best. Even Belle is getting ready for her adventure up north with a new Do and some sprucing up.
    The awnings do make a whole lot of difference until some strong winds come for a visit.

  8. Wow, the two of you have really had quite a week. Belle looks fantastic, just like new but Joe, not so much. Ouch! 30 stitches in such a tender area. Hope it's smooth sailing for all from this point on.