Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Neighborhood

Distant Drums RV Resort
Camp Verde, AZ
April 15, 2015

Just across the street from Distant Drums is a hiking area. Last year Joe and I never even explored this area. We were off to Sedona every chance we had which left little time for anything else. So, this year we do hope to not only return to some favorite Sedona places, but to check out state parks and national monuments in this area as well. That's the plan today anyway!

West Middle Verde Road

We spent about 21/2 hours walking, talking and taking pictures. Richie went with us...he has quite an eye with the camera!

The neighborhood...or area surrounding Distant Drums...didn't appear to be very colorful or interesting... 

until we started looking up close.

 Right off we found, (well, truth be known...Dave and Lynn pointed us...umm lead us in the right direction) dinosaur tracks.

And then, we came into an area full of delicate pops of color painted across the sandy landscape.


See what we would have missed!

All the colors in the rainbow!

Looking back towards Distant Drums and the valley...I'm liking the neighborhood!

Until next time, happy days and...

happy trails!


  1. You definitely found signs of spring.

    1. The desert has put on a beautiful show this year Jeri!

  2. Oh wow what gorgeous flower photos Gay. Isn't it fun to realize the beauty of your "own" neighborhood? Enjoy the area it looks lovely and interesting!

  3. Love, love, love the wildflowers! They are so gorgeous! I can't get over how many varieties there are. Pretty nice new neighborhood:)

  4. I think that shot of Miss Daisy on your previous post would make a great header picture myself! It was hard being so close, yet so far from you while we were at Cave Creek...but we had our three days pretty much filled out for us. One of these times our paths will cross. --Dave (

  5. So many beautiful flowers this spring!

  6. Love all those wildflowers, spring blooms gave us joy and solace.