Monday, May 18, 2015

Brins Mesa

Distant Drums RV Resort
Camp Verde, AZ
May 16, 2015

No changes in the weather all week-end. Saturday also dawned with a slight chance of rain, no thunder storms, a hike chosen, and two enthusiastic adventurers. 

As we drove into Sedona, the clouds were hanging low. We made a left turn onto Jordan Road off 89A just past the "Y" on the north side of town.  

Another left turn on Park Ridge Rd which started out paved, but quickly changed to dirt...make that mud! 
The kiosk explains the devastation of a fire in 2006 started by illegal campers who walked away from hot coals left uncovered. It destroyed over 4300 acres. 

The forest was green and wet...

Our 7.2 mile trek started out in Mormon Canyon. 

The first mile or so offered a gentle rise...

and was a good warm up for the rock scramble to the top that came next.

What a reward...

After a few minutes spent taking in the clean, fresh air, and the huge views, we were on our way. We walked across the mesa (which is not horizontal like Doe Mesa, but rather a tilted "plate") from east to west and down we went...this time into a different canyon.

Beautiful Arizona spruce with gray bark lined the path along with wildflowers. There were several creek crossings as the path twisted and turned thru the canyon.

When we reached the end of the trail, we had hiked all the way to FR 152. That is the gravel road we took to get to the Devil's Bridge  and Vultee Arch trailheads.

Our return trip was the same...

a nice climb up the west side of Brins Mesa...

 a meadow walk across the mesa...we hurried as the rain was chasing us and gaining fast...

and a scramble down the east side. 

The rains did catch us just as we were going down the edge on the east side.

 An unusual tree trunk caught our eye. 

Yet another hike we highly recommend for its heart pumping, deep breathing, gorgeous forest, beautiful mesa, and because it was just dang fun! I am so glad we didn't let the weather deter us as the low clouds and mist added so much to the splotches of sunshine we enjoyed. 

Until next time, play in the mud...  

and happy trails!

P.S. We ended the day with a stunning Arizona sky!


  1. The wet just deepens the Sedona red! Love that final sunset/clouds shot!

  2. The Sedona area is so gorgeous. I guess that's why everyone has it on their bucket list.

  3. That is definitely someplace we want to look around more thoroughly.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos Gay. Love the one of Joe walking alone! Kudos to not letting the weather stop you from your adventure! Looks like yawl are having better weather than here in northern Colorado - rain and about 45 degrees with lows tonight in the 30's. Go figure! Have fun and so some scrambling for me.

  5. With the weather this area has been having, hiking with the dampness is necessary. good that it didn't keep you two home:) Looked like a lot of fun and I bet the trail wasn't crowded:) We had thunderstorms today and very heavy down pours so no hiking here:(