Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Famous Red Rocks and Trails

Distant Drums RV Resort
Camp Verde, AZ
May 1, 2015

During the past few weeks Joe and I have enjoyed some trails that have have taken us to and around some of the famous red rock formations that are so impressive in Sedona. 

One of those hikes was a little more than 5 miles as we combined Bell Rock Pathway, Courthouse Butte, and Big Park Loop.

Most of the names given to these massive heaps of sandstone and limestone which are hundreds of millions years old are descriptive . Bell Rock comes to mind...

I took this photo of Bell Rock from Big Park Loop.
If you want to see a few "famous" red rocks, this is a great trail because Bell Rock is not the only reward on this hike.

  Below is the south end of Courthouse Butte. Courthouse Butte is ginormous. The best place to get a good picture of it is at the Ranger Station on Scenic Byway 179 a few miles south of Village of Oak Creek. Did I do that when we stopped for maps? Yes! Did it get deleted by accident? Yes! So, you will have to see it in pieces...

Part of our hike took us all the way around the base of this majestic wonder where sheer walls tower above and desert gardens cling to rocky crevices.

To the north west, we had views of Cathedral Rock...

to the north, the Chapel of the Holy Cross nestled between two red rock towers can be seen...it is the tiny building in the bottom left quadrant below.

and on the back side (east) of Courthouse Butte, we stood on Spaceship Rock (Dang! I forgot to get a picture of it.) to get a view of Rabbit Ears.

But the real magic of these trails was right at our footsteps as we zigged and zagged up and down and all around. Looking down...

...and towards the sky!

These three trails can be done individually if time is short.They are great early morning trails as there is very little shade and I imagine the area can get congested. Bell Rock is also noted as a Vortex area..."swirling centers of subtle energy coming out of the earth". The Vista that Robert (from the Boynton Canyon Trail post) sits on to play his flute is also another one of the 4 Vortex areas in Sedona. 

Until next time, happy days and   

happy trails!

Up next...Red Rock Crossing


  1. Sedona is such a beautiful area if you can stay away from the city itself. Looks like a lovely hike. I love the pictures of the pretty flowers, we didn't have many out when we were there in March. We did two hikes when we were there one was Airport Loop Trail and the other was a combination of the Mund's Wagon Trail and the Hangover Trail which was an amazing trail with fantastic scenery. Glad that you are enjoying your time there.


    1. Airport Loop is on our list too Ruth. I'm glad we have had a few extra days as there have been lots of stormy days.

  2. Wonderful shots. Enjoyed seeing them!

  3. Oh no, accidental photo deletion is no fun! Hopefully you didn't lose too many shots.

    I swear I could live in Sedona and never, ever get tired of those vistas!

  4. The flowers are gorgeous but I must admit I'm tired of the pollen this year because I can't breathe. The Red Rocks are really incredible in their beauty and you do such a great job of capturing them.

    1. It's interesting you mention the pollen Sandie...when we left Tucson in April, Joe and I were the same way. There is definitely something in the air in the Tucson area! But here, it has been totally different. Thank goodness!

  5. We were there a few weeks ago. Neat to see the same things from a different view. Love Red Rocks!

    1. Aw...sorry we missed you Merikay. This is a beautiful piece of our country!

  6. Pollen has sure been heavy where we've been. We love the Sedona area. So much beauty in just one spot!

  7. This is a hike I was hoping to do when we were there. One day! It just seems like something one should do while in Sedona:) Lovely photos showing all the beauty of the area! Love Joe and Rabbit Ears! Claret Cups are my favorite...beautiful red color.