Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Side Trail to Red Rock Crossing

Distant Drums RV Resort
Camp Verde, AZ
May 12, 2015

Yesterday, we hiked the Baldwin Loop Trail. 

 Baldwin is one of those hikes not that many people do. We only passed two was a biker headed to Templeton Trail and the other was a "fisherman" going the opposite direction. One might ask why would a person carrying two fishing poles be on Baldwin Loop. Well, my heart skipped a beat because the real reason for going there was to try and see Red Rock Crossing. I had read that Oak Creek runs below Cathedral Rock and had seen beautiful pictures on the internet of its reflection in the water. After studying the map at the kiosk, we noted there was a side trail to the creek...yippee! I do love an adventure!

Baldwin headed east and dropped into the valley floor. The picture shows the only shade on the trail. We could hear running water so we knew we were near the creek. 

Do you see a face?
Sure nuff...we saw a narrow path that forked off the trail and off we went. 

I am happy to show that Oak Creek is as pretty as ever...with wild yellow iris' blooming on the banks!

As happy as I was to see, smell, hear and feel the cool water, I knew this was not the place I wanted to see. While I was photographing the iris, I heard a not the one in my head, but a real voice followed by laughter. Off I go following the creek, smooth river rocks and debris left from recent rains.

 And voila! Red Rock Crossing was right before my eyes!

 I was looking left and then...
 ...according to one article, "...a symbol of the American Southwest and the most photographed spot in Arizona. A favorite place for artists and art classes that has been featured in more than 60 classic Hollywood films...". Another article said it was the second most photographed spot in Arizona with the Grand Canyon being first. Either way, to see it in person and take it all in is breathtaking. 

This shallow creek runs along the base of Cathedral Rock. It is a popular spot for a picnic, or a swim in some of the deeper pools, or just a quiet retreat. And even though others were present, it was really quiet and serene. Sunset is the best time to visit and for sure a wide angle lens is needed (which I didn't have with me). 

I could have sat there for hours, but the day was calling and we had a trail to do.

We hiked up and in between Cathedral Rock and an unnamed butte. 

Until next time, happy days and...

happy trails!


  1. Love your funny shots of what must have been a collared lizard! I don't believe I have ever seen a wild yellow iris.

    Beautiful shots of one of the prettiest places in the west!

  2. We never been here! Thanks for sharing this gorgeous location. Definitely on the list for the next visit!! Those red plates in the water are sp neat. I neat hop on them:)

    Great colors in the collard lizard! The yellow iris are so pretty. I really enjoy finding wild iris.

    That was quite a climb up to the butte. Looks straight to me. Thanks goodness for slickrock!

  3. I really love the area and the animals. You do a fantastic job of taking us there with you.