Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Jax Trax...Part 1

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
May 23, 2014

Saturday morning a group from Portal headed south on Hwy 191 to take in some views and climb some rocks on Jax Trax. We had 9 vehicles eager to traverse the 16 miles that were once old mineral exploration roads.
The trail is named after Jack Bickers (1923-2011), a giant among 4 wheelers in Moab as he explored the backcountry to find enjoyment in it's vistas, remoteness, hikes, and jeep challenges.

Such was Jax Trax which was only added to Easter Jeep Safari this year. A 5 rating hints there are no difficult obstacles, but don't get too comfortable. We found Top Notch and El Diablo to be beautiful vistas and there were ledges and slickrock to climb that kept reminding us we had better pay attention...

The trail starts out in a Sandstone Draw...

...before a ledgy climb to a flat that offers views of the LaSals and Cameo Mesa.   

From that point it's a twisty, bumpy, wandering tour of the area...sometimes down, sometimes up, but all with sweeping vistas.

When we reached this point, we stopped to enjoy the view and discuss our options. The trail divides and rejoins on the other side of the dome.  We were all set with a plan and then OOPS! One of our vehicles didn't start. What the picture does not show is the wind and cold, but we all rallied together and believe it or not, we all turned around on top of the fin to head back...

We orchestrated a beautiful retreat which involved the Samurai being strapped out. As it turned out, the rains were on the way so all was good! Another real good reason not to go out alone...

Dave and Joe...umm, probably Jeep talk, but I hope it's dinner plans!

Our day was quite an adventure with an awesome group of folks willing to help. 

We took a shorter trail out to Hwy 191. See the rock dome below with the rock on top just under the rain squall? There is a road that goes between that rock and the flat rock on the right. We found out that the rock dome is a home. A rancher lives there. We never saw the cows, but we heard them. 

Up next, part 2 of Jax Trax. Until then, happy days and...


  1. That looks like one unique home! That is such a beautiful area, even the gray clouds only serve to enhance the beauty!

  2. Looks like your outing had quite a turnout. What fun for sure. You certainly get to see a lot of nice landscape that most of us only enjoy through photos.

  3. We have a Jeep, but have never taken her off road... I say we should but want to go with someone for the first time.

  4. What a wonderful day, Jeeping along and exploring the wilderness.

  5. Wow, what an amazing adventure!

  6. What a great day on the trail:) This looks like one I might really enjoy doing...pretty tame for you Jeepers from Portal! So glad there was help for the poor Jeep that didn't start. Maybe it was an omen to get you off the trail before the rain:) What a different home and place to live. Someone likes solitude.

  7. Whew, you two are hard to keep up with ! I don't check for a couple days and here you are in Moab already and off on so many adventures. You two never sit still for a minute. Great pics and commentary as usual.