Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Leaf Peeping

Portal RV Resort
Moab, UT
October 4, 2015

At the last Moab Friends For Wheelin club meeting, Misty added the LaSal Loop color run to the calendar. Yippee! Last Sunday was the day. We already knew from the news that the leaf color would not be as vibrant as last year due to lots of spring rains that caused leaf mold. But that did not stop us. Along with Misty, David and their sweet pup Wheeler, Mike and Caroline, us, Ber and Charlotte, Rick, Dee, John and Nancy, and Mike and Joanne all came along for the colors and camaraderie. 

Monday it rained all day in Moab. What a nice surprise to wake up Tuesday to snow capped peaks on the LaSals.

Let the good times roll...



  1. Nice colors, not much here yet, but will be soon, Enjoy it while you can.

  2. You got some beautiful shots! The header photo is wonderful!

    We were surprised to drive into Ridgway and find snow capped peaks, it happened the night before!

  3. We're headed up to Bryce tomorrow. I sure hope we can find colorful foliage. Beautiful pictures. I especially like the selfie of you two.

  4. Leaf mold or not, the scenery is still so pretty:) What a great ride! Love the header!

  5. Hi there! Hans and I have arrived at Portal and are in site 10 in the RV park section. Hope to see you before you leave. My email is