Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cabrillo Tidepools

San Diego Metro KOA
Chula Vista, CA
January 8, 2016

Yeah, yeah, hip-hip hooray! Finally, play day at the tidepools. It rained, no poured all week with flash flood warnings posted everyday. Imagine waking up Friday morning to blue skies and sunshine. We were good to go! 

We met Ronnie and Carol and Dave and Richie (We missed Lynn as she was at home with acute bronchitis.) a little after 1:00pm excited and ready to explore.

It's a short walk to the pools. My fingers were snapping pictures and my feet were hurrying as fast as they could go. 

There is a good 11/2 hours before the low tide begins to come back in. I wanted every second to count exploring, experiencing, and learning.
Almost there....

Rocky Intertidal where land and water merge
The word "intertidal" refers to the unique ecosystem that lies between the high and low tides. Tidepools are the depressions where water is trapped during low tides. 

 We saw lots of Anemones. 

 The solitary sea anemoneis are the largest of the So Cal anemones reaching a diameter of 10 inches. Their color comes from the symbiotic algae that live in them.

I took the picture below with an underwater camera.

The rocks have amazing colors.

Kellet's Whelk 

I think I climbed on everyone of these rocks! And often walked in between them...

Seagrasses are flowering plants that form large clumps. 

Gooseneck Barnacles are found in clumps. Once they attach to the rocks as larvae, they do not move their entire lives. 

A Hermit Crab taken with the underwater camera.

Sandstone cliffs undergo constant erosion. Geologically these cliffs are known as the Point Loma Formation. Fossils, including dinosaur fossils, (one of the few sites of dinosaur fossils in California) found here date back 75 million years.


Carol, Ronnie and Cooper

As we were leaving, one last look revealed a snowy egret also enjoying the tidepools...

...who was joined by a California Gull.

Until next time, let the good times roll...



  1. The Tidal Pools are great fun. These were way too crowded the day we tried but Hans and Lisa took us to some others. It was so much fun seeing all the little creatures. Love that you had an underwater camera. All your photos are so pretty. Thanks for sharing:) Glad you had a great time.

    1. I was surprised there were very few people at the pools yesterday Pam. So nice to have them almost to ourselves. The tide was actually scheduled to be lower on Saturday, but figured that would not be a good day to to go.

  2. Visiting a tidal pool is something I look forward to doing one day. I love the colorful pictures.

  3. What fun for sure and even more fun enjoying all the pictures afterwards. Great photos!

  4. Very cool & interesting too. Other than the cheap plastic water cameras that you need to develop or the extremely high end ones that divers use, I have never seen any others available. May I ask what it is you are using?

    1. Richie introduced us to this amazing little camera last year. It is a RICOH WG- 30. It is small and slim and fits in Joe's pocket. He actually bought it to take pictures of me taking pictures when we hike and jeep. There are several different models. Yesterday was my first day to use it and the first time it has been underwater. I need to practice! It was way fun!

    2. Thank you for the info Gay. I am definitely taking a look at one.

  5. As a native San Diegan it is sad to see how little life is now in these pools compared to 20 or more years ago...but I still LOVE the search among the rocks!

    Another place to go on minus tide days is the beach at the end of Sunset Cliffs Blvd (at the intersection with Ladera St.). Take the stairs down and go either direction (left would head you toward the tide pools you did here).

    1. Thanks Lisa...I do want to make another trip to the pools if at all possible before we leave.

  6. Beautiful ! thanks to your underwater camera, you gave us colorful creatures underwater. I hope to include this area in our list for next winter! I'd like tide pooling too.

    1. The tide pools are a must do MonaLisa. You would love it!

  7. Glad you finally had a sunny day to enjoy. Looks like a fun way to spend some time. Beautiful collection of photos.

  8. I can feel your happiness with each word you have written. I am so happy that the rain has stopped and yawl were able to get out and explore. I love walking the beach and looking in all the tide pools.

    Beautiful photos Gay, truly enjoyed seeing them!

  9. What grand fun! Great photos of the variety of life in that little area. Love the contrast between the never moving barnacles and the little Hermit crab who constantly changes homes :-) Thanks for sharing your wonderful day.