Saturday, January 23, 2016

Three Stars and a Cadillac!

San Diego Metro KOA
Chula Vista, CA
January 21, 2016

Last Thursday turned out to be my best tide pool day EVER! 
Lisa, a friend whose blog I have followed for a few years and just happens to be a local, had suggested exploring the pools at Sunset Cliffs which is also in Point Loma. But, the local news had reported that a huge crack along the bluffs (caused by the rains from El Nino) could be dangerous. Our group decided not to take any chances so we returned to Cabrillo National Monument. 

I was happy to see lots of anemones and practice with the under water camera. 

Clarity seems to be better, but I do need lots more practice so that using this camera becomes second nature. It is lots of fun!
All these photos are underwater...

A slight movement caught my eye under this rock...

 The water was murky so the picture isn't clear. It is a California Spiny Lobster...I am guessing this is a full grown lobster at about 12 inches. They have a pair of enlarged antennae and no claws.

A Black Turban Snail shell taken over by a hermit crab...
I try very, very hard to step carefully and be respectful of life in the pools. Sometimes, small creatures are so camouflaged, do you see the shore crab in this photo?
 The highlight of the day were three stars. The first two were Knobby Sea Stars found by Richie and the last was a Bat Star. A park ranger pointed me in the direction to find it.

Speaking of park rangers, they are quite visible during low tide and eager to share information.

The first Knobby Star I have ever seen. 

Then I used the underwater camera...

Knobby Stars are found in a variety of beautiful colors ranging from red, orange, brown, blue, gray, and tan. The water was not deep enough for underwater pictures.   

 And the Bat Star...
The water was murky here too and he looks rather dull...

but, the underwater photos are brilliant!

Bat Stars have webbed arms with suction-cup tube feet. He will eat almost anything and is capable of turning it's stomach inside out to digest his food externally.

A Whimbrel also taking in the sights at the pools.
A droplet in the water...
Blue Mussels...their major predator is sea stars.

This was Lynn's first outing in three weeks. She has been very sick with acute bronchitis. 

 Oh yes, I almost forgot, we did end the afternoon with a Cadillac...the best Cadillac I have ever had...

Both of those are not mine! the best and most fun cafe we have been to! Of course, it could have just been the friends we were sharing it with!  

 Let the good times roll...


  1. What a beautiful day! Thanks for sharing your great pictures with us. The Coyote is one of our favorite spots in Old Town also

    1. You are welcome, my pleasure! It's good to know the locals say "The Coyote". I rarely buy T-shirts, but just had to have one from there so when people ask, I now know to refere to it Ike a local!

  2. Took me a bit to find that crab. I had to enlarge the photo to do so. :)

    1. Isn't he cute Judy? I can't believe he was blowing bubbles when I zoomed in!

  3. Looks like you were lucky with your tide pool find. What fun to check them out for all the treasures. Love your Cadillac. You sure they both weren't yours/

    1. I'm sure Jeri! I would still be there passed out somewhere if I had consumed them both!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks guys! Can't wait to read about Bloggerfest...I know it was a huge success!

  5. AWESOME day at the tide pools!!!! I haven't seen sea stars in San Diego tide pools for a few years. Great job with the underwater camera. The detail on those stars in fabulous!

    1. Oh Wow! I do feel fortunate to have seen these beauties. I am really going to miss San Diego when we leave. I always enjoy our time here...

  6. Stunning photos, seems you've mastered that camera pretty well already! Love the stars, their color is wonderful.

  7. I can't wait to be in that area next winter. I enjoy tide pooling and your great star captures are just so vivid. The stars are so colorful.

    1. It was so much fun MonaLisa...I will show you my underwater camera when I see you. It's a must have for the pools! And not very expensive.

  8. The underwater photos have greatly improved. I'm enjoying all of the tide pool pics. I find them extremely interesting to see all of the different creatures that can become trapped in them.

    1. It was sure my lucky day to see three sea stars Gayle...a real treat!