Thursday, September 2, 2021

Cowboys, Clouds, and Curtains

Corona de Tucson 
September 2, 2021

So September 3 marks our sixth month anniversary since we moved into our new home here in Vail.  The time has flown by and we wake up every morning so excited to be here.  The hand painted tile is a gift from our realtor, Kevin Wood, who just also happens to be a dear friend as well.  It proudly hangs by the front door.  

Projects continue, but not at a hectic "gotta get it done" pace like it did when we moved in.  This week I made curtains for our bathroom.

We have never had a window in the bathroom before.  It has frosted glass so we can't see out (and no one can see in !).  My original thinking was the curtains would warm up the room. Now we aren't sure.  We don't have or really want curtains/drapes any where else in our home...we enjoy the blinds that were in the house when we bought it.  Any suggestions?

We made a trip to Lowes this week.  Joe is getting ready for a project. He has designed (at my request) a shelving unit/TV console for the great room.  Fingers crossed as I can't be wishy washy about this one !  Curtains are easy to take down or put up, but not built in shelves.  A shout out to Lowes and Home Depot for giving veterans a 10% discount.  We sure do appreciate it.  And notice our little trailer? We use it often.  

On the way to run errands the other day, we were reminded of one of the reasons I fell in love with this area.  Cowboys !  

I had my first encounter with cowboys in Polson, MT in 2013 at a Chevrolet dealership of all places.  We were waiting for the stock muffler to be replaced with a wee bit louder one on the new Jeep Wrangler we had just purchased in Las Vegas.  

A father and two sons entered the small lounge, tipped their absolutely gorgeous cowboy hats and said "Howdy do mam!"  So silly, but I just about lost it !  I do love cowboys !  

I wouldn't say Joe (who I love dearly with all my heart) is a cowboy, but he does own a couple of Stetsons !  

We had rain again this week. 


I just heard on the local news this morning that so far for the 2021 monsoon season, we have had 12.08" of rain.  So thankful for the rain !
Our backyard view...

And the sky and clouds have been amazing !  

Early morning...


The end of the day...

I was happy to see the hawk this week.  It was late afternoon with no sunlight...only dark clouds.  I had to do a bit of editing to bring out the colors on this magnificent bird and the background turned white.  It is rare that I ever edit any photos, but in this case the hawk was very dark with no markings or colors. 

Mr. Hawk

As I was snapping away, Mrs. flew in and landed right beside him.  

Mrs. Hawk

They sat for a few minutes...discussing dinner plans I'm sure... before heading to their next stop.

That about sums up our week.  So until next time, 
The road that takes us to our street/neighborhood with a view of the Santa Rita Mountains. Photo taken last Monday.

Clouds yesterday morning.

I haven't tired of this view of the Santa Rita Mountains which are so green.  Same road, but this photo was taken yesterday on the way home after I got a haircut.  



  1. Wow--over 12 inches of rain--that's awesome! And you know me--I'm a sucker for a cowboy, one in particular! And I'm no help in the decorating department--I need an interior decorator!

    1. We have enjoyed the rain and the cooler temps that go along with it. Back up to high 90s next week.

  2. Fran had me hanging sheers and drapes today. I’d say it’s not so easy ;)
    Is that Wile E next to your trailer?
    Your corner of the desert looks great! So jealous of your rain

    1. Putting up brackets and rods is not easy. No, that is Pearl…our JK Wrangler.
      It’s been a really nice summer here…no smoke, not terribly hot, and storms to entertain.

  3. Love all your green. We get about 5" of rain here and I do believe this summer was even lower. That's why the Mojave Desert isn't as lush, green, or pretty. But our silver lining is much less humidity. Looking forward to seeing Joe's new project in action. Watching the cowboys work the cattle is great fun.

    1. Green is nice these days…especially when yellow, orange, and purple is in the mix and the barrel cacti have been gorgeous. You speak of humidity often. Only a few times have Joe or I mentioned “it’s humid today”…no humidity comes close to comparing to the humidity we left behind in Georgia and Florida (where we spent many summers). The little we have had here is so worth it to have rain in a very, very dry desert.

  4. One of my requirements for a house (sticks and bricks or mobile) is that there IS a window in the bathroom! I've always had one and both bathrooms in the "new" house have them. For what it's worth, I took down curtains that were hanging in those two bathrooms. I love that there are cowboys and horses where you live too. I'm always happy when there are regulation street signs telling us that "horses have the right of way"! Happy 3 month annivesary!

    1. I LOVE the natural light that comes in thru the window even with the frosted glass. I can so understand why that is a requirement. The blinds work just fine. We are still on the fence about the sheers!

    2. Ha! I meant to say "Happy 6 month anniversary".....I've always been numerically challenged.

    3. No worries...time flies & it sure doesn’t seem like 6 months! 😃

  5. Maybe put one tie on the two panels to pull them into the middle of the window? We just have the frosted glass with nothing else on our little bathroom window with succulents on the sill :-) Love your cowboys too. How sweet to have a hawk couple as neighbors. Glad to see we've had good rain, and even better, no smoke!

    1. Great ideas...thank you so much Jodee. I especially like the idea of succulents. It’s funny because Joe has suggested a shelf. Yes, this was a nice summer to be here!