Thursday, April 5, 2012

USS Kidd/State Museum

Our first POI in Baton Rouge, LA was the USS Kidd. It sits in dry dock in downtown on the Mississippi River. It was a great tour and what made it extra special were all the volunteers there to add stories and information. One of the gentlemen had actually served on the USS Kidd for 2 years 1957-58. He shared his pictures and experiences with us. It was a self-guided tour. We saw the kitchens....there were 3 of them..., the bunks , the head, the radio room, the sick-bay and surgery rooms, and the guns and more. It is very close quarters!

As we were leaving the USS Kidd, we saw this plane. It is above a memorial for fallen soldiers. As Joe got closer, he noticed it had been on the USS Ranger. Joe served on the Ranger.

Our next stop for the day was at the Louisiana State Museum. This is one of the best museums we have ever seen. The first floor was a great history lesson. Lots of information...I didnt realize that 40% of all the water in the US flows into Louisiana. I enjoyed the Louis Armstrong exhibit. The second floor was divided into the regions of Louisiana. As you can see, I like the plantations!

 We finished the afternoon at the doggie park. Jack had a little competition with his ball....and he loves his ball.....but he handled it real well!


Sally ran and ran and ran.....
Parts of the park were soggy from all the rain. Wrecks played ball and of course found all the wet areas....
Dover ran and played some, but mostly made sure all the pups behaved themselves!

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  1. Nice to see all the 'kids' again. Is that Jack, did you get him clipped? Doesn't look like him at all.