Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blue Guitars and Tandy Leather

January 29,2013
This is The Blue Guitar. Chris (from Taylor Guitars ) had suggested this store for a great guitar buying experience. It is located at 5959 Mission Gorge Rd., San Diego. Chris was not wrong!
This is DeForest. He is the proprietor of The Blue Guitar. His selection is awesome and he set the stage to make the selection process so easy. Joe had asked about the GS Mini spruce and GS Mini Mahogany...he had both, he tuned both , set them both up on stands and then left for Joe to play and enjoy. We knew before we got there (from the internet) that his price was right so that was not even an issue.
A tough decision...spruce...
We left with the mahogany !

...or mahogany. 

They jammed...

Another stop on Tuesday was at Tandy Leather in La Mesa . One of Joe's hobbies is leather work.
They have a huge selection of tools and many things to look at.

Joe is deciding on leather for belts. They have a great selection and locations all over the U.S. We have also ordered on-line.

Joe made these saddle bags for the Harley last spring. He got the idea when we were in Cody, WY. He had checked the horse saddle bags to see if they would work...too big. So he designed them and cut out a pattern on paper...cut the leather and began stitching. All the stitching is done by hand, usually with 2 needles. The stitching over the seat is really pretty... a basket weave edge treatment that took longer to do than hand cutting and stitching the bags.
 Then he dyed them...he wanted black bags....I sortta liked the natural look.

 Wednesday was a "get things done around the house" day. During coffee and computer time, we found RVSunShades on the internet so Joe sent an e-mail for information. We had decided Joe would wash and dry the MH and I would try to make a dent in the laundry. Just after lunch, we got a call from Bob Jones. Since he had a few hours that afternoon, he and Joe made plans for him to come by. I have been wanting a front windshield sun screen for a long time... Bob makes the screens on sight. It is perfect! We got the windshield wiper covers too. It was getting late so Bob will be back next week to make the driver and passenger windows. Bob's "real" job is an emergency room nurse. 

Bob has been making sun screens for about 10 years. He lives in the area.

Well, I hope everyone had a great day. We sure did...the pups had fun at the doggie park...2 times today! The weather is perfect. Joe dusted the cobwebs off the grill and fired it up tonight... grilled chicken and salad!  Thanks for visiting our blog. Until next safe and enjoy! And I hope... Y'all come back real soon!


  1. You'll love your front screen. I know we really loved ours. Helped so much. Just remember that at night they work opposite, everyone can see in.

  2. I'm glad you got the mahogany one. It's beautiful. When we had a motorhome we got the MCD day/night shades and sure did like them.

  3. Beautiful choice for the guitar! Can't wait to hear it. Tell daddy-t I need a new belt too. Love ya'll

  4. Beautiful guitar! you are both so talented! :-)