Sunday, January 6, 2013

Traveling with our pups!

 One of the things we enjoy most about RVing is the fact that our canine dependents can go everywhere we go. We are always looking for campgrounds/resorts with doggie parks. Some we have found are great and others...well not so good! Alamo KOA has a very nice Kamp K-9. The pros : very spacious, well maintained, poopy bags and disposal at both ends of the park, fresh water, benches for humans, shade trees for summer days, two easy open/exit gates with no latches and a "buffer area" for entering, plus...the owners daughter brings her pups throuhout the day and cleans up the "special poop" left behind. Only one day did we have to police the park behind the "special people" who dont pick up...

Wrecks got a few loooooong  throws in the pecan orchard beside the park.

Dover...always in charge...checking things out...
...must have been the squirrels...

...Sally posing in the sunlight!...

...and Jack waiting patiently for his turn!
Got his eye on the ball. Can you see it?

Wrecks loves his water!

This is Buster, our new friend. He is a great 2 year old New Foundland we met here. He and Sally played and played! We liked his Boss (Claire) and Mr. Big (Bob) too.

Our home on site B 07...a pull through with a patio.
Alamo Koa...a nice place to call home for a week.

Two hungry girls waiting for supper!
We will be leaving on Wed. Jan 9. We have a stop over at the Hilltop RV Park in Fort Stockton, TX and another stop over at Las Cruces, NM KOA. Destination...Lazydays in Tucson AZ. We need to have the oil changed on our bus so we plan to be there a week. There is a Camping World on site which most of you probablly already knew.

P.S. Thank you Ruth for letting me know about that crazy code that had to be typed in to make a comment on my blog. I hope it is removed now to make for easier access...let me know!

Until later...enjoy life!


  1. Thanks for the update Joe & Gay. Looks like the pups are happy campers! Stay well...

  2. Ok here goes the test...won't know until I try and post it. If you don't get a second post telling you that it's not fixed then all is well. That dog park looks great. The dog park here is pretty nice BUT they don't supply fresh water for the kids to drink. What's up with that???? OOps didn't even have to publish could stop it, no it's still asking for that silly code.

  3. Test #2..that Newf looks huge and I thought Jackson was a big boy..

  4. Test #2..a got it fixed.

    1. Yeah! Finally.....thank you Ruth for helping me!

  5. I have to laugh at your one fur baby's name, Wrecks. I once had a boyfriend "Rex" many, many years ago and every time I read about Wrecks I think of Rex!

    Please put a link to an email address on your blog. ;-)

  6. Too funny. When we got Wrecks he was all legs and so clumsy. We called him Sir Wrecks Alot!

  7. Everyone looks so good and like they are having so much fun! I love the new table and chairs, super cute! Where do the puppies sit now? You remember when we were in Columbia, SC and I fed Dover at the table with a bib on....too funny! Looking at the table pictures reminded me of that for some reason. You are also looking super cute in your Uggs....I've been enjoying mine as well as your black ones that you forgot to take..hehehe!! Daddy-T looks like is feeling MUCH better, thank goodness. I love you and miss you like crazy!