Monday, January 28, 2013

San Diego Metro KOA

Yesterday we left Tucson and headed for our next adventure in San Diego. My first trip to SoCal. Getting here was quite an adventure in itself. We traveled on I-8 over the Santa Rosa mountains. It was rainy, very foggy and windy and there are no guard rails! Joe remained very calm with white knuckles and focused as I ooohed and aaahed and was pointing out all the sights. We even saw snow! So we arrived here in Chula Vista at the KOA and oh my.....what a pleasant surprise. We quickly moved  into site # 2102 on the back side of the park. Well, not before we drove the car into the flower bed on the corner where I was suppose to be watching. Our wheel stuck on the rock below and broke a solar light. Oopps!  You guessed it....our next order of business was to check out the doggie park.

Another pleasant surprise...
Wrecks catching the ball...
...and Jack coming back for more!
Fresh water is nice...
...and a pretty place for visiting.
We met Dakota...he likes to play ball too. Today we met Cooper and Bella.
This is Ramone. He is the Assistant Manager. He has worked here for 30 years. The KOA is in the third generation of a family owned park. We had a meet and greet with him bright and early this morning. This is a requirement for anyone staying a month or more. He was so nice, even when we "fessed up" about the solar light which we insisted on replacing. The park workers were all out and about working hard this morning.

This is Lisa. She owned her own landscaping business for 25 years and had actually done work here back in the 90s. When she retired, she was asked by the owners to live here and be the official gardener.  She has been planting and pruning for a few weeks. It is really pretty!

The back side of the MH...did you notice? The slide is OUT!

It is so nice to be here and settled in for awhile! Thank you to everyone who visits our blog. I love all my  BBs...Blogging Buddies. A warm welcome goes out to quite a few new members who have joined in to good-times-rollin.  It's quite a unique life we RVers have. What a blessing it is to know others and share all of our experiences! 
Thanks again for safe, enjoy, and y'all come back real soon!


  1. So glad your slide is fixed! Can't wait to see what SoCal has in store for you! I get so happy when I see you have a new post! :-)

  2. Hi, what a great load of dogs you have! They are a great way to keep you happy.

    We just left Southern Cali and you're just going for your first visit! Hope you enjoy it.