Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Saguaro National Park...continued

Today was another beautiful day in Tucson...which meant another scooter ride. We chose Saguaro NP East District. 
 These are Barrel Cactus. They have curved spines, lean south, and can grow 6 feet in height.

Other cactus we saw...

Prickly Pear Cactus...they grow in 50 states...
a Chain Fruit Cholla...
...the inside of a Saguaro...
and an Ocotillo...or vine cactus...they shed small leaves during dry spells, but can grow new leaves in 5 days after getting water...
BUT...the best picture of the day is a Crested Saguaro...sometimes the growing tip occassionally produces a fan-like form in place of arms. They are somewhat rare. 
We had a nice picnic...apple, cheese and crackers, and yogart...this was our lunch-time entertainment...a great beggar!

This is a cactus wren (above)...they grow 7-9 inches long and are the largest wrens in the U.S.
I'm not sure what this bird is...very interesting curved beak though.

A male Gila Woodpecker...looking for insects.

Well, this will be my last blog...maybe...about the desert. I am quite fascinated by it as you can tell. After having lived in Georgia for 62 years and never really traveled much, I am in awe of this beautiful country. Our slide on our MH is not fixed. We are still waiting for a motor. the slide is in and covering up the TV. It has been this way since January 10. I have used some of my quiet time researching what I have seen...when I wasn't playing scrabble on the Kindle or reading.

Thanks for visiting...the Taylors had a great day...hope you did too! Please drop by again.


  1. Loved the pictures and information. Who knew there were so many different cacti (sp)? Can't wait to see where you are heading next! :-)

  2. So neat, the scenery is absolutely AMAZING! So happy you are able to experience all these beautiful things. I love you being bored and having to research, I am learning a lot! I wish I could stop by and play a game of scrabble with you, you know with actual wooden tiles and game board...haha. Love you mom and tell daddy-t I love him too. hugs to you both