Monday, January 14, 2013

The side step!

We love the doggie park here. It's plenty big enough for ball throwing and has fresh water with a bowl and scrubbing brush if the bowl gets dirty.  There were 11 pups at the park yesterday and we had a great time!

This is what our living space looks like! Way cozy...... we are in Tucson...all snuggly, but not so warm! We arrived in Tucson last Thursday for what we thought would be a week. We had an appointment to have the motorhome serviced on the following Monday. We checked in, pulled to site 1385 and just like always started the routine of setting up.  I turned the key to unlock the slides and out went the small bedroom slide. But when I pressed the button for the main was dead!  So all week-end we had a great opportunity to perfect the side step! Today was the day...our appointment was at 9:00am. The oil is changed and the bus is running good, but we are still perfecting the side step. It turns out we need a new motor for the slide which has to be built and then shipped here...about 5 to 6 days. So, our week long stay here has turned into a 2 week stay. Joe and I have just about mastered the side step and feel like we will certainly have it down pat by the time we leave here. Wrecks, on the other hand, is having some difficulty getting around, Sally is scared of the electric heater that has to be in the middle of the floor and will not  walk past it,  and Dover and Jack have adjusted nicely taking care of themselves! One good note...The weather is about to change. The forcast calls for one more chilly day and then it should be warming up. YEAH!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I can just see Wrecks trying to move around with his long legs. You took out his bench and table and now ya'll have downsized his living room, he is probably thinking what the heck!!! Thank goodness ya'll have such sweet puppies that adapt pretty well as long as they have ya'll. Glad the weather is going to get warmer there, they are calling for light snow here tomorrow...hope it does!!! Love you!

    1. Snow in Georgia is a BIG thing....enjoy! Love you too!

    2. It has been cold and windy here in Needles too. They are reporting that it hasn't been this cold in 25 years. It has started to wa up today but the wind is still strong. We plan to leave on Saturday, heading for Texas.

      We hope you get the slide out motor fixed soon and are able to get back on the road. The news shows some beautiful landscape pictured of Arizona.

    3. Be safe in your travels.....enjoy that new truck! Can't wait to hear about Rockport.

      Thanks for checking in.