Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Bright, Sunshiny Day


Happy trails from Vegas to Tucson.


And so here we are...all backed in site #1336 at Lazydays.

Why Lazydays? Well, our pups love the doggie park here, the weather is just beautiful, and tomorrow will be "desert day". I can hardly wait!

 This little mama has a nest of babies in the orange tree behind our patio. She was in and out all afternoon. I so love to hear the babies all excited every time she returns. I tried to get pictures of the nest, but I couldn't without upsetting the mama.

Here she is standing guard on the fence behind our MH. She was most patient with me!

Another visitor today...

 There was a nice breeze blowing...liked the way it ruffled mama's feathers!

 The orange blossoms smell good.

The pups enjoyed a picnic for supper...
Wrecks loves supper...

...Jack had a nap...
and Sally watched the neighbors.

Dover loves the sunshine!

We had a wonderful Wednesday...hope you did too!
Y'all come back!


  1. Really great bird pics! Steve and I visited the Grand Canyon today. Boy was it crowded! Tomorrow we are headed to Cortez for a couple of days. I sure hope it's not as busy at Mesa Verde. Glad you made it safely. Enjoy your stay!

  2. Nice pictures again, enjoy your desert day!

  3. We spent a lot of time at Lazydays over the fall and winter. I think we were there three different times,a rally, a repair near by, and month in the winter at the peak of fruit season!!! Yummy! I bet those blossoms do smell heavenly. It is a nice place to stay and get off the dirt and sand and have a little space. Oh, ya, the free USA Today is a favorite part! Enjoy your stay! Happy hiking! I am waiting for the saguaro to bloom so someone will post pictures. Keep you eyes open for the crested saguaro.

    Wonderful bird photos.

  4. That's a happy dog! Love these pictures.

    Started following your site, hope you follow my Coachella travel blog soon :)

  5. Vegas to Tucson seems like a long way. I am guessing you took more than one day? We have lots of friends who like Lazy days for the same reasons. The dogs do seem to enjoying the stay.

  6. These photos are awesome! I absolutely love the birds!!! My favorite picture of all of these is the one at the end of Dover. What a sweet shot!