Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What is your favorite color?

Yellow...the most visible color and the first color the human eye notices!

Yellow flowers, birds, and skies are sure eye-catchers!

Red...the most powerful of colors!

Red represents heat, fire and rage. It also symbolizes passion and love.

Red gives the impression of seriousness and dignity.

Green...the most restful color to the human eye.

I think that's why God made trees green! It is the universal color of nature. Green can be uplifting...and represents rebirth and freedom.

However, not so uplifting is the expression "green with envy". Does anyone know how it originated? Probably has to do with money.


Brown is associated with nature, trees and wood.  It is helpful in balancing out stronger colors.  It  is one of the most predominant hues in nature.

Gray...a neutral color that can enhance and intensify any other color it surrounds.

Blue...the second most powerful color. Blue represents sky, water and ice.  

Orange...symbolic of strength, endurance and ambition.


White...symbolizes purity, innocence and birth.

In the color spectrum, white is the union of all colors.

It's simplicity makes it an ideal color for establishing clarity and contrast in your images.

                    So...what's your favorite color?  
 We rode the Bajada Loop Drive in the Tucson Mountain District (West) today. We walked some trails too.
 If you have on the lizard...the turquoise shines!
 Isn't it just beautiful how all the colors in nature work together?  
                              We had an awesome time!

                                       Y'all come back!


  1. Beautiful post. My favourite colour is green.

  2. Nice pictures. Blue is mine.

  3. The shot of the bird at your heading is amazing! Gay, your pictures are beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. I have a hard time choosing a favorite color anymore. All the colors are so pretty, and I feel blessed to be able to see them.

  4. I think turquoise blue is my favorite color tonight. :)

  5. Blue is my favorite color. I just love that little bird on the cactus at the top of your page

  6. I don't really have a favorite, but right now in the park I am loving the green of all the new leaves coming out. It is so neat to see all of nature coming back to life and the trees giving birth to the new leaves.

  7. What a wonderful post! The desert colors are amazing. So glad you shared them since I am missing them. Love the reds the bests.
    Thanks! Keep those flowers coming!!

  8. I believe "green with envy" comes from anicent Greek medical theroy. Jealousy was considered to result in an excess of bile, which would give a pale-greenish cast to the skin...I love all colors, but yellow is my favorite.

  9. I always choose green as my favorite because it is the predominant color of spring. I appreciated your invitation to click on the lizard--the turquoise color looks like jewels. My second favorite color is always orange. Green for renewal and orange for strength really fits with my values. Thanks for such a provocative post. Is that you on the horses? Color me green--with envy.

  10. Love all these colorful pictures today, hopin we get some color here soon as well!

  11. Fabulous post and stunning photos. Green has always been my favorite color but the reds are pretty special.

  12. Your photos really capture the beauty of the desert.

  13. When I was younger :) I used to like Yellow, then as I matured I preferred Green and that became our color motiff at my wedding and even now most of clothes always have some green undertones. But at our stick house, i love Red, for I like energy and power to flow.
    Very interesting post and you have melded them all with the colors in the desert.
    And yes that Turquoise lizard looked pretty.
    Are you still in AZ?must be hot out there.

  14. Your photos are just gorgeous! Love the header, I might have told you that before?

    Good representation of each color. All my life I've just answered any color if someone asked me my favorite. I really don't have one, I like all the colors. :)