Monday, April 29, 2013

Time to go...

 Tucson, AZ

Our patio view every night!
Our time here in Tucson is coming to an end. Tomorrow is travel day. Destination...The Grand Canyon. Thanks Merikay from Merikay's Dream for all the great post about the Canyon. We have never been!

It's for sure our pups will really miss Lazydays. They love the doggie park here. They take us there every morning and insist we play ball!

This past week, Jack has been up extra early to enjoy the park before it gets really hot!  We think he's cute and we know he is way smart! He and Wrecks both love to drink lots of water.

Sally has no trouble at all finding a shady place to guard the gate. She has become the official welcoming committee of one! 
After a job well done, the water bowl calls her name so she "mozies" on over for a sip before reclaiming her spot in the shade.

Dover is always busy! From the beginning of our stay, she began burying her toys! Everyday when we called "Time to go!", she found just the right spot...and would dig...

...and dig...and dig...

...and dig. She dropped in her toy. Then she covered...and covered...

...and covered...

...until she was satisfied. Only then, could we go home! The next day, sure nuff...she digs up her toy until time to leave!
This past week, Joe and I crossed something off our bucket list ...a desert sunset. Destination...Gates Pass Road.

 The road through Gates Pass was started in 1883 by Thomas Gates. He wanted a shortcut through the Tucson Mountains. Thomas Gates was a local pioneer, and a saloon keeper. He purchased this land in order to build the road.

Currently, about 3100 cars travel the scenic road daily.

Parking on Gates Pass is limited to several "pull-outs". We chose the spot at the David Yetman hiking trail. Once parked we hiked a short way...didn't want to have too far to get back to the car  after dark.
Isn't the hedgehog bloom pretty in the sun's light? I didn't alter the photo at all. What do you think?

The picture on the right was taken about 30 minutes before sunset.

From that time till sunset, it was just pure beauty! How do you ever pick just a few of these pictures to share? I'm having a really hard time with that!

The oranges and yellows fill the sky as the sun slowly sets!

We have had a great time in the desert.

Thanks for stopping by!
Y'all come back!


  1. Nice job on the sunset photos! Like the cactus blooms too. Dover, that's funny! Do toys get buried in the RV too? Like in sofa cushions, pillows, etc?

  2. Wow, super great photos!!! Love the ones of the dogs - My Katie searches around and around our small motor home, and finally finds a good spot to "hide" her cookies. The last one she put right next to me on the dinette bench seat. Right out in the open. But she was happy and walked away as if she had done a great job. It stayed there all afternoon, and when I left the rig for something, it was gone when I got back. I guess she was hungry for her cookie.

    Also love the cactus flower - I've never seen a shot like that before. Good job with that one. Also the sunset shots. I usually try to find two good ones, but as you have learned, that's not always possible. Especially since within 30 minutes the colors change so much. Also, if I have a landscape shot, it looks one way, and if I zoom in and point up a little, it gets much more orange and really vibrant. Sunsets are fun.

  3. Enjoy the Grand Canyon. I'm sure I'll enjoy all of your photos of that place. I'm guessing it will be harder to pick out photos to use on the blog than the sunset was. ;)

  4. Beautiful sunset! Have fun at the Grand Canyon. I know you'll take lots of great photos!

  5. Love the photos with accompanying stories of the dogs and their unique antics. You sure picked a great night to see the sunset. Can't wait to see your Grand Canyon photos.

  6. I bet the dogs will be real disappointed to wake up and find their park is gone. That sure is a great dog park. There was always a large group of dogs there every day when we stayed at Lazydays.

    Glad you included so many sunset pictures...beautiful!

    Travel safely! Hoping to meet up with you in Bryce Canyon.

  7. Always love the Arizona sunsets.
    Enjoy the Grand Canyon is is overwhelming and pictures do not do it justice.

  8. Gay, your photography is absolutely wonderful. We lived in AZ for ~ 25 years, the Phx area and Sedona, and the beauty of the desert never ceased to amaze me. To me there is almost nothing more special than cacti in bloom and you have captured them beautifully. For having a desert sunset on your bucket list, I must say, you certainly did it justice! Great post!

  9. Does that flower only bloom at night? It is beautiful!

  10. We have missed ya'll at Lazy Days! Love the pictures of your happy pups:) safe travels